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Benefits of Membership 

4A's members have unparalleled access to an abundance of helpful information and resources that will clearly serve to set them apart from their peers; these opportunities include national conferences and festivals, local professional development seminars, on-demand research services, opportunities to interact with industry peers in committees and forums, and via the 4A's Web properties and online learning initiatives.

But rather than talk in generic superlatives, here are five reasons why you want to join the 4A's:

1) Consulting and advisory services on a variety of management-related topics, including new business and agency compensation.

As a 4A's member, you will be able to learn from the best accumulated wisdom in agency management, finance, new business, and operations, thanks to your access to an array of published management studies, position papers, best practice guidance, job descriptions, and Tips, Tools, and Tactics Webinars.

2) Training and professional development programs ranging from Web-based, to single day, to multi-week.

From the highest-level agency executive to the student fresh out of high school or college considering a career in advertising, the 4A's believes it is a priority to nurture a growing community of diverse, talented, and exceptional individuals throughout the industry, and accomplishes this goal by hosting professional development seminars and other training programs both regionally and online, and through the promotion of the industry through its career center and talent-recruitment programs.

3) Government relations team in Washington, providing a dynamic voice with government, lobbying groups and other trade associations.

The 4A's Washington, DC office services as the eyes and ears of the advertising agency business in the nation's capital and the 50 state capitals, and works to protect the agency business and the advertising industry against burdensome legislation and taxation.

4) Research services, including access to our professional information specialists and numerous databases.

Our Research Services department has negotiated for our members to access a number of proprietary databases filled with the both recent and historical articles, demographic data, and creative work, and offers both online and via personalized consultation a rich collection of industry statistics, original research documents, surveys, and white papers, on demand.

5) Insurance and employee benefits.

4A's Benefits designs, manages, and monitors benefits and insurance programs exclusively for our members, and offers significant advantages for member agencies of all sizes. All programs have competitive costs and offer outstanding features, unbeatable personalized service, and much more through Retirement Savings Plans, Group Insurance Plans, Workers' Compensation, Advertising Agency Liability Insurance, Business Owners Insurance, Affinity Programs, and Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

Is your agency ready to join, or interested in an application and fee schedule?

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Did you know that membership also entails access to special offers and discounts, both directly from the 4A's and via the courtesy of an array of awesome partners?

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