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2010 4A's Year in Review
The 4A’s remains steadfast in its core mission to address the concerns and needs of our membership and their businesses.

2011 4A's Year in Review
In 2011, the 4A's provided leadership, advocacy, community, and guidance to the industry by acting as your advocate in Washington, your new business partner, your compensation consultant, and your pipeline to diverse talent.

2012 4A's Year In Review
During the past year, the 4A's has spent time planning and implementing services, programs and initiatives to help our members drive business growth.

4A's | American Association of Advertising Agencies

4A's | American Association of Advertising Agencies

4A's In The News
The 4A's works constantly to share our knowledge, participate and advocate for the advertising community. This area contains a selection of published articles, interviews, press mentions and other resources related to this work.

4A's In The News

ADvocates is a special task force of emerging advertising talent brought together by the 4A's.

Agency Management
Management Services

Insights into sales, trends, top competitors, and much more.

Since 1973, the 4A's has conducted the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) to encourage African American, Asian American, Hispanic and Native American college students to strongly consider advertising as a career.

As part of a community of more than 750 member agencies, your 4A’s membership gives you proprietary access to the people, information and tools needed to address critical business issues.

Research Essentials
An extensive collection of industry statistics, original research documents, best practices, and surveys on important industry topics.

The 4A's is pleased to share content from select sponsors with which we've partnered for the betterment of the advertising industry.

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My Notebook

My Notebook

4A's Transformation
March 22-25 | Conference
Sign up for the annual 4A's leadership and media event of the year, hosted in Austin, TX. This year's theme is creativity + collaboration across agencies, media and marketing. Hollywood film director Robert Rodriguez will deliver a keynote address.
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Adweek Project Isaac
Adweek Project Isaac
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