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Mission of the AAAA 

(Adopted September 19, 1990)

To improve and strengthen the advertising agency business in the United States by counseling members on operations and management, by providing the collective experience of the many to each, by fostering professional development, by encouraging the highest creative and business standards,and by attracting excellent people to the business.

To work with Federal, state, and local governments to help achieve desirable social and civic goals, to influence public policy, to resist unwise or unfair legislation and regulation, and to be the principal source of information and advice about advertising.

To be an advocate of advertising, studying the ways in which it contributes to the economy and society and promoting the results of those studies to all appropriate audiences.

To represent the agency point of view to advertisers, helping solve mutual problems, helping improve our members’ value to them, helping resolve collectively those issues that individual agencies and clients cannot resolve singly.

To represent the agency point of view to media, providing constructive suggestions, solutions to problems, and technical help—while receiving and acting upon similar information from them.

To facilitate the application of our members’ skills and talents to pro bono efforts on behalf of worthwhile social and community causes.

To serve our members’ needs for information, agency management counsel, professional development, employee benefit programs—and to be alert to new needs as they arise.

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