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Management Matters 

The 4A's Agency Management Services division provides consulting and advisory services to member agencies on a variety of management-related topics. Compensation is an issue of particular concern to our members, and many of these resources are available online.

Additional resources include guidelines and best practices; surveys on methodology, rates, and client perceptions; negotiating and intellectual property. You an also view a list of our more recent management-related Member Bulletins.

In This Section

Administration & Operations
An extensive collection of resources, including contracts and related provisions, sample forms and policies, financial benchmarks, information on project management, intellectual property, media audits, patents – and hundreds of agency job descriptions.

Guide to Agency Compensation
Is your agency getting paid what it is worth? The 4A's remains a leader in working for its Members, providing guidance, materials, and resources to ensure that agencies receive maximum value for quality product.

Industry/Member Surveys
The 4A's conducts and sponsors numerous surveys throughout the year on topics relevant to the business, including closer looks at the state of the industry, agency costs, employee salaries and benefits and new business trends.

New Business
4A's Agency Management Services provides industry thought leadership, develops and promotes best practices, and offers consultative services to member organizations and their staff.

Position Papers
The 4A's periodically publishes Position Papers on important advertising- and management-related topics. These Papers are presented as best practice guidance for members and the entire marketing-communications industry.

Scope of Work Planning
The 4A’s and Michael Farmer, CEO of Farmer & Company LLC, provides guidance on best practices and illustrative examples of how to design, structure, implement, assess and report critical agency work output information.

The Recession
To assist our members, the 4A’s has compiled the following management best practices, media guidelines, and cutting-edge research related to the recession, all in one convenient location.

My Notebook

My Notebook

4A's Transformation
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Sign up for the annual 4A's leadership and media event of the year, hosted in Austin, TX. This year's theme is creativity + collaboration across agencies, media and marketing. Hollywood film director Robert Rodriguez will deliver a keynote address.
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