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New Business 

4A's Agency Management Services provides industry thought leadership, develops and promotes best practices, and offers consultative services to member organizations and their staff.

For new business professionals, Agency Management Services offers a wealth of guidelines and best practices; Agency Search, Tools Tips and Tactics webinars.

4A's Guidance: Post-Review Feedback
The 4A's guidance directive, "Post-Review Feedback," has been developed by the 4A's New Business Committee to help inform the agency community of best practice relating to conducting routine and formal agency assessments following participation in all major agency reviews.

4A's Committee Advocates Agency New Business IP Protection
Members of the 4A's new business committees encourage search consultants to specify that the rights to Intellectual Property (IP) created by agencies during the review process remain the property of the agency until the marketer either hires the agency to execute the work or the parties agree to a commercially equitable payment for the assignment of usage rights.

Agency/Marketer Relationship Fundamentals
A 4A’s member bulletin recommending that marketing executives at advertising and agency organizations schedule formal discussions to review business goals and marketing objectives, including a closer look at the “scope of business benefit” that clients hope to achieve by ramping up marketing activity and leading their brands out of a slump.

4A's Viewpoint: Problematic RFP and Pitch Behaviors
The Dirty Half-Dozen That Will Doom Your Agency Review

New Business Tool Kit
Quick must-have resources for all agency new business professionals and marketers looking to conduct an agency search.

Confidentiality of Marketing Services Position Paper
A new 4A's paper recommending that recommends that agencies remain vigilant in protecting confidential media and marketing services information arising in connection with the agency’s work for its clients.

Straight A's Blog
The goal for the 4A's Blog Straight A's is to provide a vehicle for 4A's members (and a select group of industry new business experts) to share suggestions, best practices as well as tips, tools & tactics in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of industry business development and agency search activities. Categories include business development, agency management, and agency compensation.

Standardized Agency New Business Questionnaire
The Standardized Agency New Business Questionnaire is designed as a recommended guideline for advertisers and agency search consultants to follow when soliciting information from ad agencies.

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