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Administrative Assistant to the Chairman 

Agency Function
3, Administrative

Level of Experience
4, Staff


To assist the Chairman in the general handling of his activities.  This is accomplished by acting as his office organizer and communications link with Agency personnel, clients, and other outside contacts.  This includes a good general knowledge of the Agency’s business, organization, people, policies, procedures, and structure, and enough resourcefulness and self-confidence to not expect continual feedback on how well an activity was/was not handled.  Curiosity and flexibility are beneficial qualities because of the general nature of the position and the diverse characteristics of the advertising business.

Job Responsibilities


  • Manage Chairman’s appointment book.
  • Mail - organize, screen, respond or field to appropriate person/department.
  • Visitors and phone calls - receive, screen, handle, or field.
  • Prepare and maintain personal financial records, as assigned.
  • Make travel arrangements - prepare itineraries.
  • Update annual business and personal Christmas Card List - address cards.
  • Client Christmas gifts - assist in selection, execute personalized wrapping and mailing.
  • Agency Red Book and D&B Listings - initiate regular telephone contact with editor or representative handling the listing to encourage their personalized attention to our account.
  • Peruse daily newspapers, trade and business magazines for pertinent articles.
  • Work directly with Personnel and Office Services on project basis, as needed.
  • Office Housekeeping - supervise executive party, oversee arrangements for executive dining room, ensure Chairman’s office is kept attractive and comfortable.
  • Files - set up/maintain Chairman’s business and personel files.
  • Follow-up - basically, the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when” of outstanding items or issues, as specified by, or involving, the Chairman.
  • Handle own correspondence.


Job Responsibilities & Personal Qualities


  • The ability to anticipate what is to be done on the Chairman’s behalf and how he wants it accomplished.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Have a sensitive and cooperative attitude in working relationships with individuals at all agency levels. 
  • Know whom to approach and how to achieve end results.
  • Encourage and develop good rapport with clients staff.  Effective writing and verbal skills.


  • The importance of protecting confidential matters pertaining to the Chairman’s personal and business life cannot be overemphasized.


  • General office technology;  shorthand.


  • Know when to assert and when to hold back.
  • Able to set priorities and judge priorities in terms of Chairman’s needs and time.

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