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Traffic Coordinator 

Agency Function
4, Broadcast

Level of Experience
4, Staff

Job Description


Duties / Expected Performance

1. Job Memos/Work Orders

1. Processes job memos, assigns job numbers, and distributes work orders and job jackets to assigned account team; also creates corresponding permanent job dockets.

2. Traffic

2. Trafficks all jobs within the agency, including monitoring status of jobs daily, preparing weekly job status reports for account management, creative and production, and conducting weekly traffic meetings.

3. Broadcast Traffic

3. Prepares broadcast instructions in cooperation with account management and trafficks radio and TV tapes to the stations per media schedules.

4. Talent Payments

4. Processes AFTRA reports and W-4s and forwards them to talent payment agency;  also handles talent reuse and upgrades.

5. Estimates / Billing

5. Inputs all production estimates into the billing system and distributes copies to the account team.
Assists accounting in processing and obtaining approvals on production invoices.
Routes invoices for internal stats and photo film to accounting for billing.

6. Typing / Copy Processing

6. Types correspondence, memos and other documents for creative department.
Processes copy and distributes to account teams.

7. Housekeeping / Paperwork

7. Distributes mail to creative department.
Oversees sign-out of agency truck.
Makes travel arrangements for creative department.
Intercepts phone calls for creative directors, as needed.
Keeps accurate time sheets.
Maintains client and agency confidences.
Maintains orderly work space.

8. Job Skills 

8. Is organized, accurate, and detail-oriented.
Word-processes with accuracy and speed.
Works effectively with other creatives, as well as account management, media, accounting, and administrative staff.
Represents the agency effectively with media and suppliers.

9. Attendance 

9. Reports regularly to work on time and on scheduled days.
Notifies creative director of any inability to report to work.

10. Personal Appearance 

10. Maintains a professional appearance, as work requires, especially when representing the agency with others outside the agency.

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