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Vice President, Finance 

Agency Function
7, Financial

Level of Experience
2, Executive


• Reporting to the Executive Committee member responsible for overall fiscal operations, direct the effective operations of internal financial programs and procedures, and maintain useful relationships with outside institutions.
• Provide sound guidance and assistance to management in the financial control of the corporation.
• Prepare, present to management, and review continuously short-range and long-range financial plans to achieve established corporate goals.
• Organize and supervise the efficient operation of the accounting department -- at the corporate level, as well as in individual profit centers; provide coordination of overseas accounting and cost control.
• Manage the company’s data-processing department; insure that the appropriate personnel and systems are in place and functioning properly at all times.
• Act as corporate liaison officer with outside legal counsel.
• Give leadership to the financial and accounting staff.
• Establish and maintain effective relationships with other company executives in matters related to financial planning and control.
• On a continuing basis, initiate studies and evaluate corporate financial policies and procedures.
• Supervise the employee benefits program, including relationships with insurance companies.


• Keep top management fully informed on the financial condition of the business.
• Develop and maintain efficient accounting and information reporting systems for the corporation which will:
a) safeguard company assets.
b) provide the data needed to plan and control profit efficiently.
c) provide timely and valid interpretation of operating results.
d) meet corporate legal-financial requirements.
• Supervise the maintenance of a comprehensive program of profit planning and budget control.
• Direct the activities of the Corporate Controller to insure proper administration of the accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable, tax, property records, cashier and general accounting operations of the company.
• Direct the activities of the Manager of Data Processing to insure that the computer is utilized efficiently and that the best systems available are in place and in use.
• Work closely with other major department heads and with profit center managers in providing assistance, counsel, and support on financial and accounting policies and procedures, both internal and external.
• Develop the long-term financial requirements of the company and make suitable recommendations to senior management.
• Establish and maintain contacts at the appropriate levels with banks, insurance companies, public accounting firms, government departments, and similar agencies and institutions which may be useful to the financial and accounting operations of the company.
• Keep abreast of the external industry, government, client, and economic factors affecting the financial position of the company and alert management sufficiently in advance so that timely action may be taken when warranted.
• Evaluate the performance of individual employees at all levels of the financial organization on a continuing basis; implement training and development programs which will maintain a cohesive, highly motivated, competent work force.
• Keep abreast of changes in advertising agency/client compensation arrangements, internal systems and procedures of agencies -- billing practices, etc.
• Carry out additional duties as assigned by senior management.

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