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Director of Human Resources 

Agency Function
8, Human Resources

Level of Experience
3, Manager

Reports To:      President & COO 

Positions Reporting To Director of Human Resources:

All positions in Human Resources

  • Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • Benefits Administration
  • Human Resource Information Services
  • Account Services Secretarial Staff


Primary Objective of Position

To aid top management to effectively manage the asset base of [agency] by developing, recommending, implementing/coordinating program and policies encompassing the following:

  • Employment/Staffing
  • Compensation
  • Performance management
  • Training
  • Benefits
  • Career management, succession planning, and outplacement
  • Employee services


Major Responsibilities


  • Identify and recruit on a timely and organized basis the talent needed to help [agency] move its clients’ businesses ahead.


  • Develop, recommend and maintain competitive and creative compensation programs for all employees.

Performance Management

  • In collaboration with department heads create effective performance review and MBO programs which are designed to measure individual performance and to identify opportunities for improvement and challenges.

Training and Development

  • Identify, recommend and, as necessary, conduct programs intended to aid individuals and groups in improving their job performance.


  • To review, develop, recommend and administer cost-efficient, appropriate benefit programs.

Career Management, Succession Planning & Outplacement

Work closely with top management to:

  • Identify high potential employees.
  • Develop career programs for those important to our continual growth as a company.
  • Establish appropriate programs and timelines to assist a smooth transition for those who may be entering or exiting their positions.

Employee Services

  • Identify, recommend, implement/coordinate programs to encourage the maximum productivity of employees, both as individuals and as members of a team.
  • Function as counsel to individual employees, department heads and top management.


The performance of these responsibilities presumes full attention to:

  • Equitable treatment of all employees within a business context.
  • The rules, regulations and laws promulgated by local, State and Federal authorities which impact on the terms and conditions of employment of all employees.
  • Cost impact of all programs on the financial health of [agency].


Other Responsibilities

  • Develop effective relationships with all departments throughout.
  • Pursue professional growth opportunities.
  • Participate in, and seek leadership roles within, organizations and activities which help [agency] in the industry and community.


Minimum Educational and Experience Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in Human Resources or Business.  Advanced degree in Industrial Relations or Business a plus.
  • Five years Human Resources work of increasing responsibility, preferably in service industry.
  • Administration skills to supervise 5 to 15 employees.

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