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Flash Developer 

Agency Function
10, Interactive

Level of Experience
4, Staff

 Title: Flash Developer            

FLSA Exemption Status: Exempt

Reports to: Director of Production


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Primary role is to receive flat comps from Art Directors and program banners, landing pages and microsite executions – as the case may be- according to the vision set forth by the Art Director
  • Responsible for HTML and graphic production as it relates to programming emails, landing pages and microsites
  • Should be conversant in action scripting, the latest version of Flash, click tagging for online banner ads, and file optimization
  • Primarily a developer spot, this role has the possibility to expand depending on the skill set and the desire
  •  Maintain accurate timesheets that are completed by required deadlines

Communication Skills

  • Be able to communicate clearly with and take direction from account team and producers 

Client Relationships

  • N/A

Leadership Responsibilities

  • N/A


  • 2-3 years experience in developing websites, landing pages, and banner campaigns.
  • Very good understanding of action scripting.
  • Strong grasp on usability and an understanding of design are big pluses.
  • Work well under pressure, fast, detail oriented.

 Alignment with Agency Values

Our ambition is to create ideas for our clients that lift their businesses and brands.  Ideas are our business. We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere.

Certain attitudes define how we work and are important in what we seek for our culture. 

Key Agency attitudes:

  • Curiosity: Be open minded to ideas wherever they come; curious people are often unafraid of change;
  • Collaboration: Self-confidence without a big ego; work with all types of people;
  • Integrity: What we say is what we do; it is honesty and respect in our dealings with people;
  • Resourcefulness: To find ways to do whatever we have to do for our clients, and our people.

Download this job description.doc

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