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Director of Marketing 

Agency Function
11, Marketing

Level of Experience
3, Manager


  • To build strong and lasting agency/client relationships.
  • To lead and strengthen the agency’s client teams in the competitive performance of building clients’ business.
  • To ensure the superior performance of the marketing services department, which includes brand marketing, research, media, and sales promotion
  • Status
  • Reports to the President.
  • Those reporting to this position are the heads of the media, research, brand management and sales promotion departments.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establishes strategic marketing direction, long-range and annual planning for each account in the agency.
  • Participates in new business pitches, with emphasis on the strategic marketing perspective.
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge in marketing, media, and research theory and technique.  Keeps staff aware of new and significant developments and serves as a resource for all the staff.
  • Recruits, hires, manages and evaluates personnel in his area, reviewing compensation, establishing staff account assignments.  Makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on terminating or adding people.
  • Actively trains his/her personnel in brand marketing, research and media.
  • Promotes, when appropriate, the use of other agency services in executing the creative product and the total program – research, public relations, etc.
  • Along with the Senior Vice President/Creative Director and President, prepares and presents annual presentation of agency’s credentials.
  • Acts as marketing liaison with Senior Vice President/Creative Director.
  • Maintains contact with key industry associations and organizations.
  • Reviews all marketing strategies/research for clients as a “quality control” function.
  • Assumes responsibility for health of agency/client relationships and achievement of client objectives.
  • Achieves agency income objectives for each client.
  • Assigns manpower (outside of creative) to particular clients.
  • Forecasts agency revenue and department’s direct costs for year, based on client projections and income goals for his staff.
  • Construction and negotiation of individual agency/client contracts to generate income in keeping with agency goals.
  • Stays alert for opportunities to increase client activity and billing, as well as obtaining new business from existing clients.


Performance Standards

  • Income and growth goals for clients, as set by Executive Committee, are met.
  • The agency’s reputation grows regionally and nationally as an agency that uses strong creative to build brands.
  • Client reviews reveal satisfactory relationships and activities in the account service area.
  • As problems arise in agency-client relationships, they are proactively and satisfactorily dealt with in keeping with the Executive Committee’s wishes to retain and grow the client’s business.
  • As problems arise in employer-employee relationships, they are proactively and satisfactorily dealt with in keeping with the Executive Committee’s policies and prescribed harmonious corporate culture.
  • Clients achieve their marketing objectives and credit the agency for their success.
  • Agency positioning is competitively fulfilled in brand marketing, media, research, and sales promotion.
  • Departmental budgets are met.

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