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Director of Marketing Services 

Agency Function
11, Marketing

Level of Experience
2, Executive


To assist client / agency teams in the performance of their jobs through professional counsel in the following areas:

• Marketing Plans & Strategy; and
• Merchandising & Promotion.

To handle the administration and monitor the performance of the Marketing Services Department, which includes Media, Research and supporting personnel.


The Director of Marketing Services reports to the president.  The Media Directors, Research Director and his secretary report to him.



• Aids in the formation of:

• basic marketing plans and strategy;
• media plans, strategy, and programs;
• merchandising and promotional plans, strategy, and programs;
• research plans, strategy, and programs.

• Keeps account groups aware of outside sources and services that may be useful in serving clients most effectively.
• Keeps account groups (and/or clients) aware of new and significant developments in all areas covered by the Marketing Services Department.
• Handles the administration of the Marketing Services Department and its personnel, including procurement of personnel, performance evaluations, and execution of standard agency administration policies.
• Keeps the president informed of client activities and problems.
• Maintains whatever records are required by the client.
• Submits accurate time reports on the 15th and last days of each month.
• Submits an activity report for his department no later than the 25th of every month.
• Submits his expense account at least monthly with receipts for all expenditures exceeding $__.__.
• Demonstrates responsibility and maturity in the agency by observing normal working hours, keeping his secretary advised of his whereabouts while out of the office, and being conservative in the use of agency funds and resources.
• Handles whatever special projects may be assigned to him by the president.


• Records minutes of all clients contacts.
• Stays alert for opportunities to increase client activity and billing, as well as obtaining new business from present clients.
• Contacts new business prospects as requested by the new business committee.
• Participates as needed on new business solicitation teams to provide whatever counsel and services of the Marketing Services Department are requested by agency management, including participation in prospect presentations.
• Aids in presentation of marketing plans and programs to clients as requested.
• Aids and participates in maintaining positive and effective relationships with clients.
• Aids and participates in keeping clients aware of the scope, depth, and effectiveness of the total services rendered by their account team.

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