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Senior Associate, Marketing Services 

Agency Function
11, Marketing

Level of Experience
4, Staff


• Keeps at all times completely current on:

• new products / services being introduced;
• new marketing / promotion techniques;
• new methods or channels of distribution for a particular group, or groups, of products / services.

• Keeps at all times completely current on consumer psychological, social, and economic trends as they impact the marketing climate.

• Maintains a high competence in a particular area of technical skill, e.g., operations research, creative idea generation, statistics, problem-solving through group dynamics, etc.

• Maintains ongoing personal communication with specialist colleagues in the group, with members of the research department, and with personnel of the company information center, so that he/she is aware of major developments in all areas and cognizant of the most efficient interdisciplinary interaction.

• Uses this high degree of special expertise to:

• provide marketing consulting services to all account management groups;
• carry out special marketing projects for agency clients;
• develop new product / service concepts for clients and prospects;
• suggest new marketing or distribution opportunities for clients, planning complex marketing strategies;
• keep account management groups, clients, and agency management apprised of significant trends of special concern to them;
• as required, supervises the work of associates in the group on major projects and deputizes for the group manager in various administrative responsibilities.


• Length and Type of Experience Normally Required:  A minimum of six years balanced experience in marketing-related positions, e.g., brand management, marketing, sales, account management.  Should have very strong background in one or more special areas.

• Education Normally Required:  Master’s Degree.  In some areas, work beyond a Master’s Degree is usually needed.

• Personality Traits and Other Standard Requirements:  Highly analytical;  excellent judgment.  Skilled expository writer.  Effective oral presenter.  Able to work successfully on several widely different projects simultaneously.  Sensitive to interpersonal relationships.  Able to inspire a high degree of confidence.

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