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Account Director 

Agency Function
12, Media

Level of Experience
3, Manager

Job Description

As an Account Director, you are responsible for supervising the day-to-day workflow of the media buying/planning staff on specific accounts. You ensure seamless integration of Planning and Buying functions at [AGENCY]. To be most successful, you must be a confident, seasoned leader with a strong media background.


• Be a mentor to the junior employees.
• Exhibit the ability to anticipate and solve problems.
• Generate enthusiasm for and commitment to your client’s business among team members. Effectively stimulate your team for maximum productivity and job satisfaction. Gain the confidence and trust of your co-workers
• Manage multiple projects and personnel.
• Ensure the highest level of professionalism is maintained on assigned accounts, and work to meet and exceed the Client  expectations.
• Monitors market conditions.
• Determine tracking and buying guidelines and special opportunities for specific accounts.
• Help formulate new business presentations.
• Keep current with industry trends.
• Be a seasoned presenter.

Business Character

• Maintain a professional approach at all times, especially under pressure.
• Strong interpersonal skills...know how to work effectively with even the difficult employees.
• Establish and maintain good relations with station personnel and representatives.
Strategic Thinking
• Anticipate problems.
• Look for win-win solutions.
• Grasp the "big" picture.
• Identify new advertising opportunities for your clients.
• Seek ways to increase efficiency and productivity on assigned accounts.
• Continually look for ways to stretch your client’s dollar.
• Generate integrated buy/promotion/PR opportunities.
• Look for innovative ways of promoting your client, and extending their advertising message.


• Be willing to listen.
• Be ready to help the team when you’re needed
• Recognize, respect and address differing opinions. Actively solicit ideas from others.
• Bring favorable closure to team issues and recommendations.
• Work synergistically with planners and Account Management.
• Maintain a sense of humor. Remain enthusiastic in the face of setbacks. Display passion and energy for the challenges the team faces.
• You work with the Media Director and Group Media Directors to develop strategic direction on all media for assigned accounts
• Take primary responsibility for Media performance by acting as the final supervisory checkpoint for all Media documents, and ensure timely issuance of reports.
• Ensure all buying tactics/strategies have been followed as outlined in plans.
• Work with Group Media Director/Broadcast on projects such as cost per point.

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