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Associate Media Director 

Agency Function
12, Media

Level of Experience
3, Manager

Broad Function

Responsible for all media activities on a group of accounts; develops the media plan; selects media to achieve a given sales objective within a predetermined budget; supervises others; has professional and client contact.

Principal Responsibilities

• Works with account teams to develop media strategy briefs.
• Learns all phases of the clients’ marketing objectives.
• Prepared and presents media plans, as needed, including objectives, strategy, rationale, and all backup materials.

• Supervises the execution of media plans, including preparation of media budgets, schedules of insertions, contracts, and supporting materials.
• Prepares media authorizations per approved plans/project requests.
• Prepares buy releases upon client authorizations.
• Prepares budget recaps for clients.

• Trains and supervises buyers and planners in all media (network and spot TV/R; consumer and trade magazines; newspapers; outdoor; direct marketing; etc.)
• Monitors broadcast buyers during the negotiations process and checks final buys for adherence to guidelines.
• Participates in new business project assignments.

• Assists accounting department in reconciling variances and assuring proper payments.
• Acts as primary negotiator and coordinator with sales representatives for merchandising assistance, readership study results, and other miscellaneous activities.

• Maintains close contact with all media representatives seeking ways to better communicate with buying influence and seeking detailed information on market conditions.
• Attends outside representations by the media for the purpose of evaluating new information/services and to maintain good rapport with sales representatives;  maintains a high professional profile.
• Actively solicits information relative to accounts which are, or could be, considering an agency change.

Measure of Accountability

• Periodic meetings between account supervisors and clients reveal no significant media-related problems.
• Relationships with account teams are harmonious and productive.
• Outside suppliers, particularly media representatives, speak favorably of the Media Department to our clients and prospective clients.

• Proof of advertising performance is reflected in accountability reports submitted by various media for clients’ campaigns.
• Clients are making progress toward the achievement of their objectives and recognize media’s contribution to their overall plans.

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