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Media Supervisor 

Agency Function
12, Media

Level of Experience
3, Manager


Primarily responsible for total media planning and services on the accounts assigned to him/her.  Supervises those Media Planners/Buyers and Media Assistants assigned to those accounts which are the Media Supervisor’s primary responsibility.

Reports to the Group Supervisor.


• Knows and keeps up-to-date on all available market and consumer information necessary to the preparation of the most effective and efficient media planning.

• Works closely with all assigned media personnel in the group with evaluation of media information necessary to the preparation of the media plan that best implements the media objectives and strategies.

• Writes the final media plans and recommendations to Account Service and the client.

• Determines and supervises the best possible implementation of all approved media plans and projects.

• Working with the Group Supervisor, interprets, coordinates, and integrates, as necessary, all assigned media activities, including presentation to Account Service and the client, as required.

• Maintains the best possible relationship with clients, Account Service, and media representatives in order to further mutual interests of the agency and its clients.

• Helps to train buyers and planners in proper methods of preparing, evaluating, and implementing media plans.

• Assists Account Service in planning overall budgets.

• Maintains such records and prepares such periodic reports as may be necessary.

• Maintains familiarity with the history, present organization, and procedures of the client, as well as, with conditions in the industry. 

• Is at all times alert to new media or new methods of using existing media and new developments, such as coverage patterns, circulation of rate changes.  Informs the Media Director, Group Supervisors, and Media Planners of such developments.

• Provides an energy level that brings new and exciting ideas to the planning function.

• Responsible for supporting leadership within agency

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