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New Business Manager 2 

Agency Function
13, New Business

Level of Experience
3, Manager

Status:  Salaried Employee with commission payments not entitled to overtime pay.

Responsible For:  The development of new business strategy in conjunction with agency principals, the new business portion of agency resources, including: administration of staff, as assigned, database management and direction, management and interface with communications agencies.

Strategy implementation responsibilities include: initiation of leads, initial presentation, qualification of opportunity and financial viability of account, development of presentations and proposals, utilizing all agency resources, presentation participation and negotiation and signing of contracts.

Responsible To:  The President.

Salary Range:  Base, plus commission. 

Requirements:  Excellent management, sales (including telemarketing), promotional, research, analytical, writing, organizational and presentation skills.  Full understanding of, and ability to use, all agency resources.  Understanding of client/agency relationship.  Familiarity with agency services, markets, and sales goals.  Ability to make independent decisions involving discretion and judgment.


• Managing all new business functions and activities.
• Set up and maintain automated database for sales/promotion activities.
• Research, identify, target and refine sales prospects.
• Maintain regular contact with identified prospects to educate them and predispose them to agency.
• Gain opportunities for agency to make sales presentations to targeted prospects.
• Follow through with all presentations, including follow-up letters, proposals, etc.
• Meeting mutually agreed-upon annual sales quotas/targets.

Managing the New Business Function and Related Activities:

• Overseeing and maintaining sales database and automated procedures.
• Maintaining sales and new business files and inventory in conjunction with production manager.
• Maintaining accuracy of new business “resource” list, listing all presentation materials.
• Initiating weekly meeting with Executive Vice President and monthly meeting with principals to update all sales/new business opportunities.
• Recruiting and training support staff, as required, working with President.

Establishing Sales Goals and Target Prospects:

• Work in tandem with agency principals to develop sales goals and plan by market, by service and by $$$ targets.
• Report on market climate, competitive position and specific sales opportunities, as part of annual and long-term business plan development and implementation.
• Research, develop and maintain a list of targeted prospects classified by size, market, service and readiness to buy and by established criteria, such as: excellent, good, poor, hot, warm, cold, embryonic, emerging, and established.
• Establish a target prospect, “hot list.”
• Establish and maintain a tickler file for ongoing prospect contact.
• Represent the agency at appropriate clubs, meetings, and events, and direct agency principals to those critical to high level exposure.

Making the Sales Contact:

• Call prospects and leads on a timely basis.
• Prepare weekly call sheets for Executive Vice President. Maintain current files on all prospects.  Oversee all required research to keep files up to date.
• Make appointments for sales presentations for agency principals.
• Organize and manage all activities in preparation for sales presentations (using appropriate agency resources), including: background reading on prospect, product, technology and market; samples of all prospect literature and advertising competitive advertising; competitive agency background, if appropriate, or other materials as deemed necessary- or helpful by sales manager or agency principals.
• Organize all materials for speculative presentations using appropriate agency resources.
• Represent agency at sales presentations as requested by agency principals.
Agency Promotion:

• Set goals/directions with principals and direct the communications agencies to fulfill goals.
• Provide Executive Vice President with input on recommended sales support materials and promotional tools and initiate the development of those tools through the agency in tandem with President.
• Watch for and communicate promotional or editorial opportunities to agency principals and department heads gathered from outside contacts and field experience.
• Oversee and control the budget and implementation of communications program.
• Oversee the timeliness and readiness of industry award and competition entries.
• Manage direct mail or other direct support projects through implementation by agency in conjunction with your department.
• Other activities as assigned by agency management.

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