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Director of Internal Print Controls 

Agency Function
14, Print

Level of Experience
3, Manager


The Director of Internal Print Controls functions as the overall supervisor of the Print Production, Traffic, Forwarding and Broadcast Business Departments. Directs and coordinates the activities of these departments as they relate to the Creative, Account Services, Media and Accounting Departments, maintaining a productive working relationship and a smooth, efficient flow of communication. Reports to the Chief Creative Officer.


• To establish standards of operation and quality of work for the Print Production, Traffic, Forwarding and Broadcast Business Departments. To review, develop and revise systems and procedures, as needed, for these departments.
• To keep abreast of the day-to-day activity of these departments and to assist when necessary.
• To facilitate and maintain a flow of information to Accounting from all departments.  Specifically:  job orders, production estimates, supplier bills, completed or canceled jobs, etc.
• To meet regularly with the Art Business Manager and to help solve any problems that may arise in that area.
• To listen to the working difficulties of the departments and to make decisions impartially.
• To evaluate the personnel of these departments and to recommend to management personnel and salary changes.
• To be familiar with the general operation of all other departments, and to offer constructive suggestions in matters relating to the internal business process of creating advertising.
• To be ready to assume additional responsibilities from management.

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