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Traffic Manager 

Agency Function
14, Print

Level of Experience
3, Manager


Acts as a liaison between Account Services and all other departments. Supervises, coordinates and ensures the on time and orderly flow of all advertising from job initiation to its release and billing. Reports to Director of Internal Print Controls.


• Obtains thorough input from account executives when they originate work via the job order. Reviews and completes job order and distributes copies internally. Prepares a job jacket.
• Sets due dates for various stages of job completion after consulting with Creative and Production for timing requirements of various jobs.
• Obtains memos, estimates, flow charts from the Media Department.
• Determines sizes from media estimates and reference books. Consults with the Production Department for size verification, when necessary.
• Keeps abreast of their work in the Creative Department and follows up on due dates that were established for copy, layout, art and mechanicals.
• Keep all concerned informed on the current status of all jobs in progress via weekly status reports.
• Expedites the “rush” jobs in such a way that process does not obstruct the orderly flow of every day work.
• Initiates and follows up on the preparation of production estimates with the Creative and Production Departments, and submits them to Account Executives for client approval.
• Submits all manuscript copy for proof-reading prior to setting.
• Routes art and mechanicals for internal approvals and submits them to Account Executives for client approval.
• Submits art and mechanical to Production Department with job jacket containing complete information, such as publications, sizes, screen, method of publication printing, closing dates, and extensions, when necessary.
• Keeps abreast of work in the Production Department and follows up on due dates that were established for finished work.
• Submits proof to Account Executive for client approval after gathering all internal approvals.
• Supplies complete information to the Forwarding Department for the issuing of insertion orders and/or copy instructions.
• Acts as liaison between Forwarding Production and Media, if there are any instruction conflicts.
• Follows up with Production and Forwarding in the shipping of finished materials to publications.
• Informs the Accounting Department of completed jobs.
• Keeps the Director of Internal Print Controls informed of the day-to-day activity.
• Informs the Director of Internal Print Controls of any conflicts, delays, postponements or any other unusual situations that may impede the orderly flow of their assignments.
• Keeps abreast of the current status of model contracts so that an ad that is scheduled to be repeated after the negotiated expiration date can be brought to the attention of the Account Executive.
• Keeps up-to-date media schedules indicating the various ads scheduled.
• Maintains a job number book.
• Maintains a book listing the mandatories and other information specific to each account.

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