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Vice President, Director of Public Relations 

Agency Function
15, Public Relations

Level of Experience
3, Manager

REPORTS TO: President


• Account Supervisor/Executives
• Service Assistants


• To strengthen division capability by effective leadership and direction of personnel.
• To help the agency achieve recognition as an exemplary force for marketing communication; that is, for advertising, sales promotion and public relations.
• To represent the agency and to present the capabilities of the Public Relations division in a manner that will help attract new business prospects for both public relations and advertising.
• To manage the resources of the division, primarily its staff, towards the fulfillment of agency-client objectives, while maintaining a profitable agency operation.
• To help individual division employees achieve the best possible job relationships—with the agency as well as with its clients.


• Administrative and Financial Services Division
• Account Management
• Media and Marketing Services
• Creative Services
• Client public relations and marketing personnel
• General Media (Editorial)


• Help develop objectives, strategies, and work plans for individual clients’ annual campaigns.
• Review and assess client campaigns by monthly reports prepared for account supervisors.
• Maintain high standards of quality for all materials released on behalf of client.
• Maintain up-to-date awareness of program status with each client, with ability to assist account supervisors on projects in the event of illness or vacations.
• Maintain continuous evaluation of division personnel for effective and profitable utilization of job skills.
• Maintain communication channels with appropriate client contacts to help assure effective and smooth-running relationships.
• Availability for oral and written presentation of agency and client public relations plans.


1. Education and Experience:
College degree preferable in business or public relations, with minimum of five years at public relations management level.

2. Decision Responsibilities:
All media and research planning and implementation for all clients and products.

3. Accountability
Sound business judgment and discretion directed by agency and client money management guidelines.

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