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Director, Talent Payments 

Agency Function
17, Talent

Level of Experience
3, Manager


• Complete responsibility for the managing and administrating of Talent Payment Department, which processes all payments to performers in television and radio commercials produced by the agency.
• Department operates under the SAG, AFTRA, SEG, and AF of M Union Codes, and interpretation of contract codes is prime duty of the Director. Deals with firm paying all talent for the agency, approving their invoices, forwarding them to Billing Control for billing to clients.
• Prepares estimates for Creative, Account Management, and Traffic, for final charges in connection with new and current commercials.
• Maintains records of all commercials as to year of production, expiration dates, periods of first fixed cycles, holding fees and use; and issues monthly Commercial Status Reports to allow Account Management and Traffic to keep clients aware of billing and commitments to come.
• Consults with Commercial Producers as to specifics required in producing commercials. Contacts agents for negotiations and renegotiations. Issues memos and directives to keep agency aware of expirations of Union Codes, their requirements, future requirements, etc. Designs and institutes forms for the more expeditious ways to obtain information and disseminate notices, for smoother operations.

• Works with Legal Counsel in the preparation of specific contracts for over-scale talent, sports figures, music rights, and maintains up-to-date records for renewals of options, additional payments.

• Conducts seminars for clients and/or interoffice personnel, to keep them advised of methods for talent payment, use of performers, Union Codes. Trains Associate to take over in vacations and absences.


• Length and type of experience normally required:  At least three to four years actually paying talent in all phases, plus related advertising agency experience, plus knowledge of production and business operations.
• Education normally required:  BA degree.
• Personality traits and other standard requirements:  High intelligence, accuracy, maturity, good judgement, speed, detail-minded, vigor, resourcefulness, initiative, confidence, responsiveness, good writing ability, organization, ability to get along with all types of people.

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