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Account Planner - 2 

Agency Function
1, Account Planning

Level of Experience
4, Staff

Job Responsibilities

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Initially these duties relate to our largest account, but may be applied to other clients as needed.

  • Staff Leadership – provide valuable customer and marketing insight regarding trends, behavioral shifts, attitudinal dynamics of each assigned clients’ marketplace to appropriate account management, creative and media departments; recommend initiating consumer investigations whenever client/market trends suggest a shift in the consumer dynamic; provide appropriate staff with ongoing results of investigations/trend analysis; lead the creation of all brand/creative briefs;
  • Client Relationships & Leadership – provide thought leadership on current consumer trends impacting purchase of client products & services;
  • Analytical ability/Strategic thinking – assist in the development of marketing plans and positioning papers; develop and implement studies aimed at uncovering consumer attitudes, behaviors and buying motivations that will advantage clients’ businesses; maintain currency on consumer trends, behaviors and attitudes shaping current consumer buying habits;
  • Presentation/ selling skills – develop and persuasively communicate brand/positioning/consumer perception portions of communications plans or other recommendations; clearly and persuasively communicate thoughts and ideas, to both staff and clients; demonstrate poise, intellect, accessibility, professionalism and commitment
  • Project Management – monitor overall timeframes and deliverable milestones for research projects, planning components etc. to deliver according to client/staff expectations
  • Communication Skills – demonstrate good listening skills, fostering an environment of professional commitment and mutual trust, communicate upstream and downstream in a manner that is timely, respectful, productive and supports overall project goals; communicate with clients in a manner that’s timely, informative and succinct
  • Travel – conform to established travel policies
  • Organizational Skills – effectively manage time to provide access and availability to counsel department and agency staff when needed, as well as to be available for key client meetings

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Time sheets – provide daily timesheets, accurately reflecting all billable and non-billable time
  • Expense reports – completes expense reports in timely and complete manner (within 7 days of occurrence of expense)

Agency Values

The following characteristics are expected of each employee of the agency regardless of role or responsibility:

  • Positive attitude - a high level of enthusiasm, motivation and resilience...a sense of urgency to obtain ability to maintain a positive attitude when under ability to keep things in perspective.
  • Respect - a commitment to treat employees, clients and vendors with respect...a willingness to be respectful of others’ opinions and ideas...a commitment to respect the work
  • Professionalism - a high level of professionalism in attitude demeanor and dress...demonstrate maturity in handling confidential matters...a consistent businesslike demeanor and performance...common sense and good judgment...have good attendance and be punctual.
  • Dependability - a reputation for doing what you say you are going to do...a willingness to go beyond the call of duty.
  • Integrity - a track record of doing the right thing for the right reason...honesty and sincerity...earning the trust of clients and employees...maintaining strict standards of confidentiality.
  • Commitment to quality - proof all work for accuracy...a demand for excellence in all forms of communication...always looking after the smallest detail.

Evaluation Criteria

The agency’s annual evaluation of your progress and performance will be based on the specific expectations outlined above. At that time, we will discuss performance observations and perceptions, review opportunities for improvement and growth and provide overall feedback on one of the following dimension(s):

  • Consistently Exceeds Expectations
  • Consistently Meets, and Sometimes Exceeds, Expectations
  • Frequently Meets Expectations
  • Inconsistently Meets Expectations
  • Rarely Meets Expectations
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