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Brand Building 


Logos Now

Siegel + Gale sheds light on the impact of memorable logos and how logo styles evoke brand perceptions and personalities for consumers. This report strives to:

  • Determine which logos are most memorable
  • Learn what makes a logo memorable
  • Measure the benefits of more memorable logos
  • Establish the role of familiarity in logo associations
  • Identify which personality traits different logo styles evoke.

Brand Architecture: Designing Your Brand Portfolio for Success

Learn how to coordinate and optimize the brands in your portfolio to more clearly present your value proposition to target audiences in this report from Brand Amplitude.

So, You Want to Be #1, Eh?

This Ipsos blog post identifies five dimensions of influence that lead a brand to be the best:

  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Engagement
  • Leading Edge
  • Presence
  • Trustworthiness

Advertising x Branding = Growth

The Partners, Lambie-Nairn, and Millward Brown prove that investing in brand positioning and identity produces greater returns in brand value, especially when supported by great advertising.

How to Conduct A Brand Audit

Brand Amplitude says that a brand audit is the first step in brand strategy development. Learn what a brand audit is—and how to conduct one successfully—in this toolkit.

8 Ways to Build a More Valuable Brand

This Branding Strategy Insider article highlights how a brand can support demand generation by retaining its reputation, stemming decline, and making the most of changes in consumer preferences.

21 Different Types of Brand

Branding Strategy Insider says that the meaning of "brand" changes depending on context and the fact that consumers can encounter the same brand in different ways. Twenty-one brand categories are listed in this article, from personal to challenger to celebrity.

Good Points: Brand Experience

This Hub Magazine roundtable discussion explores how to deliver a great brand experience.

Aaker on Brands

This blog from David Aaker is an excellent source for everything related to branding.

The Keys to Brand Success

Gordon Pincott of Millward Brown says that to maximize your brand's full potential, it's critical to know what makes it recognizable and what triggers the most motivating impressions.

How Brands Generate Value

This Brand Strategy Insider blog post lists elements that generate lasting value for a brand.

What Makes a Great Brand? Senior Marketers Share Their Thoughts

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) identifies five elements that help make a brand great:

  • Its value proposition extends beyond products
  • Makes a difference
  • Doesn't interrupt people, but involves them
  • Engages our emotions
  • Helps people to help themselves.

Yours Truly

Daryl Travis of Brandtrust stresses the importance of how a brand makes its customers feel in this article from The Hub.

Research Insights | The Meaningful Brand -- How Strong Brands Make More Money

In this Research Insights, Millward Brown reveals the four components of a meaningfully different brand experience: purpose, delivery, resonance, and difference. This unique model shows you how to amplify the value of your clients' brands.

Research Insights | Corporate Branding

This Research Insights highlights corporate rebranding success stories from The Conference Board's "Corporate Image and Branding Conference".

The Brand in the Boardroom: Making the Case for Investment in Brand

How much is your brand worth? How is it valued? How can you make it more valuable? Ogilvy & Mather dives into the history of brand valuation to answer these questions, and highlights brand valuation methods that marketers can use to support their recommendations and budget requests.



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