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Brand Building 


The Brand in the Boardroom: Making the Case for Investment in Brand

How much is your brand worth? How is it valued? How can you make it more valuable? Ogilvy & Mather dives into the history of brand valuation to answer these questions and highlights brand valuation methods that marketers can use to support their recommendations and budget requests.

Advertising x Branding = Growth

The Partners, Lambie-Nairn and Millward Brown prove that investing in brand positioning and identity produces greater returns in brand value, especially when supported by great advertising.

8 Ways to Build a More Valuable Brand

This Branding Strategy Insider article highlights how a brand can drive demand generation by retaining its reputation, stem decline, and make the most of changes in consumer preferences.

21 Different Types of Brand

Branding Strategy Insider says that the meaning of "brand" differs depending on the context and that consumers can encounter the same brand in different ways. Twenty-one brand categories are listed in this article, from personal to challenger to celebrity.

Good Points: Brand Experience

This Hub Magazine roundtable discussion explores how to deliver a great brand experience.

Brand Architecture: Designing Your Brand Portfolio for Success

Learn how to coordinate and optimize the brands in your portfolio to more clearly present your value proposition to target audiences in this report from Brand Amplitude.

Aaker on Brands

This blog from David Aaker is an excellent source for everything branding.

The Keys to Brand Success

Gordon Pincott of Millward Brown says that to maximize your brand's full potential, it's critical to know what makes it recognizable and what triggers the most motivating impressions.

How Brands Generate Value

This Brand Strategy Insider blog post lists elements that generate lasting value for a brand.

What Makes a Great Brand? Senior Marketers Share Their Thoughts

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) identifies five elements that help make a brand great:

  • it's value proposition extends beyond products
  • makes a difference
  • doesn't interrupt people, but involves them
  • engages our emotions
  • helps people to help themselves.

Yours Truly

Daryl Travis of Brandtrust stresses the importance of how a brand makes its customers feel in this article from The Hub.

Increasing Brand Value: A Masterclass from the World's Strongest Brands

Millward Brown identifies brands that have built the most brand value over time and finds four common factors that made them successful.

Research Insights | The Meaningful Brand -- How Strong Brands Make More Money

In this Research Insights, Millward Brown reveals the four components of a meaningfully different brand experience: purpose, delivery, resonance, and difference. This unique model shows you how to amplify the value of your clients' brands.

Research Insights | Corporate Branding

This Research Insights highlights corporate rebranding success stories from The Conference Board's "Corporate Image and Branding Conference".

The Resurgence of the Corporate Brand

Read Lippincott's POV on why the parent brand is increasingly becoming your most important investment.

A Movement Not Just a Message

Lippincott finds that successful brands have employees that believe in the brand, feel empowered by a collective mission, and have the tools and incentives to deliver results. By activating your brand internally, you create thousands of brand ambassadors.

How Brands Drive Value Growth

Millward Brown developed a framework called the ValueDrivers to help businesses understand how to grow the value of their brands. According to the model, delivering a brand experience that is different from others and amplifying that difference will maximize a brand's potential for growth.

Our Brands, Ourselves | The Power of Attachment

Brand attachment measures how much consumers view a brand as an extension of themselves. This article from The Conference Board says that its important for companies to understand this attachment and live up to what your brand promises.

Research Insights | Defining Brand Identity

This Research Insights provides practical guidance for developing a brand identity that should be applied across all communications, both internally and customer facing.

Research Insights | Insightful? Or Just Interesting? How to Identify a Brand-Building Home Run

Learn what constitutes an insight and how to identify a truly worthy brand-building idea in this Research Insights.

Research Insights | What You Need to Know About Logo Design

A compilation of guidelines, rationales, and success stories on logo design and corporate identity from 4A's Research Services.

Check out this infographic from the Logo Company that illustrates how established brands used color to express the qualities and emotions they wanted to be known for.

According to Branding Strategy Insider, the top ten benefits of building a strong brand are:
  1. Increased revenues and market share;
  2. Decreased price sensitivity;
  3. Increased customer loyalty;
  4. Additional leverage with vendors and retailers (for manufacturers);
  5. Increased profitability;
  6. Increased stock price, shareholder value and sale value;
  7. Increased clarity of vision
  8. Increased ability to mobilize an organization's people and focus its activities;
  9. Increased ability to expand into new product and service categories; and
  10. Increased ability to attract and retain high quality employees.



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