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Social Marketing 


How Green Marketers Can Grab Their Share of Post-Recession Optimism

GfK discovers that the sales of environmentally friendly products are holding steady or declining. This article reveals strategies marketers can use to target consumers who are more likely to buy green products.

Global CSR Study

Global consumers have officially embraced corporate social responsibility according to Cone Communications and Ebiquity's biannual study. Ways to effectively engage consumers in CSR efforts, consumer expectations of such efforts, shopping behaviors regarding socially responsible products, and much more is included in this report.

2015 Cause Marketing Halo Awards

The Cause Marketing Forum announces the finalists of the 2015 Halo Awards.

**By the way, Cause Marketing Forum is a great site for finding recent news, best practices, and case studies dealing with cause marketing.

The Evolving Meaning of Sustainability

Hartman finds that consumers associate many different meanings with sustainability. Check out this infographic to see how the understanding and definition of the term "sustainability" has changed over time.

State of Green Business 2015

This annual survey from GreenBiz Group reveals the top sustainable business trends of 2015.

The Consumer Perspective on Sustainability

Hartman divides how consumers think and define corporate sustainability into four zones and finds that the frequency in which consumers are making sustainability purchases is leveling off in this infographic.

Cause Marketing

Mintel finds that Millennials and parents with children under 18 are more receptive to cause marketing. This infographic shows that consumers want cause marketing campaigns to be genuine and not just a marketing tactic. Mintel suggests companies seek out causes that align with their products and brand identities.

Digital Activism Study

According to Cone Communications, social and digital engagement is changing the way people interact with social issues. This report reveals how different demographics use digital and social channels to engage with and donate to social causes.

Inspiring the Next Generation Workforce

The 2014 Millennial Impact Report from The Case Foundation and Achieve focuses on Millennials' preferences in the workplace, specifically how they engage with their company and what they look for in corporate cause work.

Marketing in the Connected Age

WFA and We Are Social explore the factors that define best practice marketing in today's connected age. Their conversations with more than 100 of the world's top marketers revealed three critical factors that enable brands to become leaders in our increasingly digital world: purpose, principles and participation.

The Circular Economy

The circular economy is defined as a "more regenerative and restorative way to create, use, and dispose of products that designs out waste". Learn about the principles of the circular economy, consumers and business trends driving its popularity, and what this means for brands in this JWT report.  Examples of brands embracing this concept are included.

Reclaimism: Aspirational Consumers and Emerging Trends

BBMG articulates the key themes of reclaimism (the act of reselling, remaking, and rediscovering used products) and provides related brand examples, consumer stories, and takeaways.

Doing Well By Doing Good

With the increased popularity of corporate social responsibility, Nielsen surveys consumers to find out:

  • How passionate consumers are about sustainable practices when it comes to purchase considerations
  • Which consumer segments are most supportive of socially responsible efforts
  • The social issues/causes that are attracting the most concern.

When Social Responsibility Leads to Growth

The Boston Consulting Group researches the size, growth, and price premiums of responsible consumption products (those labeled with organic, natural, fair trade) in the grocery market, as well as what motivates consumers to buy them.

When the Path to Purchase Becomes the Path to Purpose

Google learns that because of a surplus of choice, consumers are deciding to engage with content that is personally relevant to them, their purpose, and their passions. This article uncovers three new opportunities for brand advertisers:

  • Purpose = Purchase
  • Power of the Influence > Power of Time
  • Experience > Exposure

Cause Marketing 101: Attracting Partners to Advance Your Mission

For Momentum defines cause marketing, discovers who is motivated by this type of marketing, and identifies effective ways to partner with corporations.

4A's ACT Responsible Creative Gallery

4A's has partnered with ACT Responsible to present this gallery of responsible advertising created by U.S. agencies. The purpose of this database is to promote brilliant creative ideas that can modify our perspective on social and environmental issues and inspire great changes.

Recycling in the Home Survey

Cone Communications finds insights into people's willingness to recycle, as well as barriers to expanding recycling in the home.

Environmental Attitudes Study

Click to download this TD Bank survey on consumer attitudes and expectations surrounding environmental and sustainable practices within the home and workplace. Attitudes of Hispanic consumers are included.

Consumers Who Care

In this survey, Nielsen asks whether consumers care about cause marketing, shared value, conscious capitalism, and other pursuits of corporate social impact. The results show a growing desire among consumers to reward companies they think are socially responsible.

The Brainiac's Guide to Cause Marketing

The Network for Good gives guidance on how to strengthen design, positioning, and messaging to create a great cause marketing campaign.


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