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Value of Advertising 


What is Known About the Long-Term Impact of Advertising

For the first time, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) publically releases this influential white paper that helps improve fact based marketing resource allocation through better understanding of the short- and long-term impact of advertising. The paper:

  • reviews what's known about the short- and long-term impact of advertising
  • illustrates the findings with practitioner examples
  • provides clear direction for business application and improving financial return.

Advertising Pays 3

This report from the Advertising Association and Deloitte shows the value of advertising to the UK's culture, media and sports. Topics include sponsorships, free-to-air TV and radio, online services, print media, arts, sports and more.

Economic Impact of Advertising Expenditures in the United States 2012-2017

This Advertising Coalition study conducted by IHS Global Insight reports on the total economic impact of ad expenditures in each state and in the 435 Congressional Districts. It quantifies the impact advertising has on sales and job creation.

Research Insights | The Meaningful Brand -- How Strong Brands Make More Money

In this Research Insights, Millward Brown reveals the four components of a meaningfully different brand experience: purpose, delivery, resonance, and difference. Meaningfully different brands can command a higher price and help marketers avoid the downward spiral of discounting.

Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem

This IAB commissioned study reports that the interactive marketing industry contributed $530 billion to the U.S. economy in 2011.

Research Insights | Deutsche Bank Proves Advertising Drives Value

This Research Insights reports on a new study that proves consistent advertising and promotion spending is a key predictor of corporate profitability. A compilation of companies that have been successful during this recession by increasing their ad spending is also included.

Madison Avenue Continues as Advertising's Economic Center

An Advertising Coalition study, conducted by IHS Global Insight, examines the impact of advertising in terms of U.S. economic output and job creation. Ad expenditures in the U.S. account for $5.8 trillion or nearly 20 percent of the country's economic activity.

It Works: How Investment Spending In Advertising Pays Off

This classic piece provides case histories and compiles a number of studies that show advertising builds brands.



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