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The State of Gen Z 2017: Meet the Throwback Generation

Research Services

The Center for Generational Kinetics reveals insights into the mindset, priorities, habits, and behaviors of Gen Z.

How Audiences Find Articles, by Topic

Research Services

In this report, reveals the percentage of people who find articles by Facebook, Google search, and via other referrals for 14 specific topics. Device breakdown of traffic to the articles is also provided.

Advertising: Make a Lasting Impression

Kantar Millward Brown highlights five principles to create great advertising and drive brand growth. The report also provides examples of effective global and local ads from the last year.

Y&R Launches Podcast “Madison & Culture”

4A's Member

Biweekly Podcast Hosted by Global CEO David Sable to Explore Advertising, Marketing, Media and Creativity

3 Tips for Finding Consumer Insight Gems

4A's Member

At the foundation of every successful advertising campaign is a consumer insight — an emotional expression of an unmet need or want that’s not obvious but prompts an “AHA!” when identified. Think of Snickers’ “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ad campaign: this wildly successful advertising employs the insight that people feel and act differently […]

The State of the U.S. Beer Market

Research Services

Check out this in-depth report of the beer market in the U.S.

Asian American Women: Digitally Fluent with an Intercultural Mindset

Research Services

Nielsen examines the growing influence of Asian American women and features demographic profiles, higher education attainment, employment, and spending power.

“The Teacher” — Featuring Chavonne Hodges, McCann

4A's Member

Get to know the Queens, NY native who founded TrapAerobics – fitness classes injected with hard-hitting rap and hip-hop – and who also happens to be one of McCann’s top learning experts.

State of Black America: Black-White Equality Index + Hispanic-White Equality Index

Research Services

In these reports from the National Urban League, find out how African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are faring in the categories of economics, health, education, social justice, and civic engagement.