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MAIP Information for Agencies 

Click here to host a #MAIP2016 fellow.

MAIP provides member agencies an exclusive opportunity to source and recruit top diverse talent from a highly curated candidate pool.

Sourced from over 500 colleges and portfolio schools nationwide and screened by our industry, selected MAIP fellows have been identified as high potentials early on. Most already recognized by prominent organizations supporting the advertising and media industry, MAIP fellows receive further growth opportunities throughout the summer from our branded development series and workshop sessions. Additionally, through the innate support system and extensive network of over 2,700 MAIP Alumni and 150+ MAIP mentors, MAIP fellows receive the necessary guidance, mentorship, and sponsorship crucial to furthering their careers.

By participating in and selecting a MAIP fellow, agencies have the opportunity to connect with this vibrant young community, recruit top-tier talent, demonstrate their agency's commitment to diversifying the industry, and build brand presence on the college campus through our MAIP campus ambassador program. A special thank you to our 2015 MAIP Host Agencies for selecting approximately 150 rising stars, who will undoubtedly make an impact on our industry.

In addition to hosting a MAIP fellow, agencies can contribute to the MAIP legacy by:

  • Screening and Interviewing MAIP semi-finalists
  • Hosting a fellow
  • Serving as a MAIP Mentor
  • Hosting a MAIP summer seminar, industry immersion session, and/or workshop
  • Participating in and sponsoring The Face of Talent
  • Partnering with MAIP Alumni Association (MAA)
  • Recruiting from the MAIP community

For more information on how to get involved, contact Shannon Galvin, .

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