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MAIP Alumni 

The MAIP Alumni Association (MAA) was founded by Marc Stephenson Strachan (MAIP ’81) in 1996 to nurture the community of MAIP graduates. Through their involvement, MAIP alumni are able to maintain relationships with MAIP classmates, receive career-development assistance, and provide guidance to current MAIP interns. The MAA provides the following resources to its alumni:

  • A nationwide network of alumni contacts
  • Job postings
  • Professional development seminars and panel discussions
  • Networking events
  • Community service activities
  • MAIP Alumni Matters newsletters

The MAA also works directly with the MAIP program on the following activities:

  • MAIP Mentor Program
  • Alumni/Intern networking activities

The MAA is run by the 4A's with the assistance of the MAIP Alumni Association Executive Council.

Visit the MAIP Alumni Web Site

Agencies: Recruit from the MAIP Alumni Community

4A's member agencies can submit job postings regarding positions they are seeking to fill. Information about these postings will be shared with the MAIP alumni community via the MAIP Alumni Matters Web site, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and the MAIP Alumni Matters e-newsletter. Please forward job postings to

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Jan 15 | Webinar
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