Maximize the Value of Project Assignments: How to Make the Most of Project-Based Relationships – Dallas Council

Location Details:
Moroch Conference Center
3625 N. Hall Street
5th Floor
Dallas, TX 75219-5106

Sponsored by the 4A’s Dallas Council

Please note: the timing for this event reflects Central Time

Today, marketers of all sizes depend less and less on a “master” agency relationship and instead seek out the services of many different agencies to meet their increasingly specialized needs. This means that to operate profitably, agencies must create value in ways that transcend the traditional “full-service, integrated” model characterized by long-term client relationships. Whether independent or part of a global network, agencies must now learn how to optimize – not just tolerate – a business model that involves project-based assignments in place of ongoing multi-year engagements.

During this hands-on workshop, Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group will show how to profitably meet the needs of clients who want to work with agencies in a more modular way, deploying best-in-class talent and resources against specific assignments. You’ll participate in a hands-on audit that will help compare your current approach against this growing style of client engagement. By modernizing key parts of their organizational structure and processes, the most progressive agencies are learning to operate profitably in this new environment. This includes the transformational practices of:

  1. Expertise in place of versatility
  2. Separating high and low value services in place of a conventional blended approach
  3. Agile teams in place of the traditional agency hierarchy
  4. Open source talent management in place of static staffing
  5. Optimum capacity in place of maximum capacity
  6. IP development in place of just work for hire
  7. A varied compensation portfolio in place of just time-based billing

This hands-on workshop takes a practical but provocative look at how agencies can tailor their current business model to use today’s unbundled marketing environment to their advantage and turn a challenge into an unprecedented opportunity.

This seminar is designed for agency professionals in all client-facing disciplines, including senior and executive level agency management.

About the workshop leader: Tim Williams is one of the foremost authorities on business strategies for professional service firms. Tim’s workshops have been seen by business audiences on every continent, and his books and articles have helped inform the strategies and business models of thousands of firms across the globe. In his role as founder of Ignition Consulting Group (, Tim has worked with firms ranging from mid-size independents to multinational agency networks and corporate headquarters of the major agency holding companies.

This program is sponsored by the 4A’s Dallas Council Board of Governors:

  • Mr. Spencer Blevins, TM Advertising
  • Mr. Michael Boone – Chair, Launch
  • Mr. Rob Boswell, Moroch
  • Ms. Kryslyn Burks, TracyLocke
  • Mr. Jesse Greenberg, Ackerman McQueen/Dallas
  • Mr. Kim Kohler, Southwest Media Group
  • Mr. Mike McCartin – Vice Chair, Javelin
  • Mr. Brad Todd, The Richards Group
  • Ms. Lisa Zakarin, Publicis Hawkeye
  • Mr. Dennis D’Amico, Dallas Council Executive Director
  • Mr. Gregory Walker, 4As