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Agency Roundtable Discussions During Executive Workshop for Small and Mid-Sized Agencies 

Monday, April 27, 8:10 AM–10:30 AM

Discussion Descriptions

Roundtable discussions will be conducted in two segments. Both segments will be facilitated by Sharon Napier, president-CEO, Partners + Napier; and Tom Finneran, executive vice president, agency management services, 4A’s.

Segment One—Background, Issues and Opportunities (Approximately one hour and 20 minutes)

Each 4A’s table facilitator will get each member at their table to:

  • Briefly describe their agency and their model
  • Identify one key opportunity
  • Identify one key issue
  • Verbally share one example of the agency’s best work and describe why they consider it their best work

Each table will then give a brief summary of their opportunities/issues.

Segment Two—Brainstorming Solutions (Approximately one hour)

The 4A’s will give each table an assignment to work on. The tables will be given 20 minutes to brainstorm ideas on their problem/question (The 4A’s facilitator will make easel notes indicating the “problem/question” and possible solutions).

Following the brainstorming segment of the exercise, each table will share their problem/question, and recommended solutions with the entire audience.

The problem/questions mayinclude key issues from Segment One, such as:

  • How do you convince a client to market aggressively in a soft economy?
  • Tips for recruiting and retaining talent when $$$$ is scarce (include non-economic or low $$$$ considerations)
  • How can agencies improve the efficiency of the new business process?
  • Agency compensation—What is working and what is not working?
  • Marketing accountability—What are clients expectations and what is the state of the art?
  • Suggestions for facilitating tighter integration of offline and online marketing elements (This is a  No. 1 client issue)
  • How to improve the efficiency of agency services without deteriorating service quality on essential activities

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