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4A's Strategy Festival 

Inspiration often comes from founders and startups. But in more established organizations, nimble thinking and acting can sometimes be challenging.

The 4A's Strategy Festival examined the intersection of creative strategy and business opportunity, helping planners and strategists unlock their entrepreneurial spirit to innovate and grow with their agencies and clients.

The two-day event invited attendees to explore:

  • How do I structure my organization/team to get to the best creative business ideas?
  • Can an entrepreneur innovate in an established corporate environment?
  • Is it ever a good idea to "wing it?"
  • What three things do I need to do to accomplish what each speaker or session leader did, and how can I apply them to my job today?
  • Why has there never been a better time to be a strategist?

The format for the festival was highly interactive and required audience participation. Features included audience-driven speakers, hands-on workshops, Jay Chiat gold-winning case studies, five minute/20 slide Pecha Kucha-style persuasive arguments from up-and-coming thinkers, moderated table discussion, improvisation and more.

Official Conference Web site:
Official Conference Hashtag: #4astratfest

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My Notebook

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