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About the Presenters: Greg Dzurik and Dr. Sam Cohen 

Greg DzurikGreg Dzurik
Senior Strategic Planner
Draftfcb Orange County

Greg credits his strength as a planner to a rather unconventional source: music.

His ability to look at a problem both creatively and analytically stems from his unconventional education at the Arts High School in Minnesota–where he composed and conducted his first string quartet and symphony by age 18.

Prior to joining Draftfcb, Greg worked as a Brand Planning Director at The Richards Group. Over the course of his career, Greg has applied his mind to a range of clients, including Bridgestone, Firestone, Comcast, Mayo Clinic, and Taco Bell.

Greg Dzurik has served as a co-chair for the Jay Chiat Planning Awards and currently serves on the 4A’s Planning Committee.

Sam CohenDr. Sam Cohen

Dr. Sam Cohen has a doctorate in clinical social work and an advanced certificate in psychoanalytic ego psychology (the study of the unconscious and its impact on behavior).

In the world of brand consulting and market research, he began his career over 20 years ago with Saatchi & Saatchi as an outside consultant, where he honed his skills in integrating unconscious needs and its impact on brand identity. He was on exclusive retainer with Saatchi for the next 12 years where he worked on many different brands both domestically and globally.

He founded Psychologics in 1996. The company consists of psychologists and psych strategists. This unique approach allows for understanding consumer motivations on the deepest levels and to convey this in an actionable positioning for the brand. Psychologics has successfully applied its theory and technique on a great variety of brands and categories.

Dr. Sam’s views have appeared in New York magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. He has made personal appearances on a TV special addressing the advancements in advertising with Debra Norvell and as a guest on the "Early Show." He also served on an Advisory Board for Crispin Porter & Bogusky. He has lectured at Stanford University School for Business on Emotional Marketing.

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