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Transformation 2010 Media Track 

Say you’re a media guy (or gal), and you’re trying to decide whether or not you should attend Transformation 2010. OK, it’s not the tried-and-true 4A’s Media Conference that you’ve attended year-in, year-out. Truth is—it’s even better.

Transformation 2010 is more than simply a combination of the 4A’s Media and Leadership Conferences. We like to think of it as a movement, a recognition that the advertising and media communities can no longer afford to have isolated conversations.

To get to the next stage in the transformation of our business, we must get together to share, learn and move ahead. To lead. That being said, there’s a ton of relevant and media-specific content throughout the Transformation 2010, including:

Transforming Yahoo!
Carol Bartz
, Yahoo!'s notoriously out-spoken chief executive, shares her vision of how she plans to reinvigorate the brand. 

Whither Old Media?
Mediabrands’ Nick Brien will pull no punches in addressing the topic, What Will Transform "Old" Media?

New Media Measurement Metrics
Jane Clark, the new Executive Director of CIMM, and a top representative from Nielsen will address the question that is on everybody’s mind: Will a momentum-driven project like CIMM create a revolutionary new media measurement system that will either transform Nielsen or sweep it away?

Media Buy-Sell Reinvention
Several years ago, Irwin Gotlieb, CEO of GroupM Worldwide, challenged both agencies and media to transform the way all media is bought and sold. This panel will provide an update on how this transformation is happening in local television and on the Internet.

The most frequently heard four-letter world in the media business these days is data. A blue-ribbon panel will address everything from highly targeted data buys to the real story behind demand-side exchanges…both of which are transforming the way digital media is being bought and sold.

Consumers’ Use of Media
Get a first look at the results of Touchpoint's research on the world of rapidly fragmenting media messages from the consumer standpoint in the United States, which marries the IPA’s diary system with Ball State’s “A Day in the Life” technique.

Social Media
It’s a no-brainer to say that social media is transforming everything, but Pete Blackshaw from Nielsen and Ian Schafer from Deep Focus are social media pioneers who will provide a deeper dive into the "how's" and "why's" of these enigmatic platforms.

What 12–24-Year-Olds Care About
The 12–24 crowd is hard to interest and frustratingly difficult to reach. Jeffrey Cole from the Center for the Digital Future will share his insights from data collected on the media habits of this important group that carries well beyond their 24th birthdays.

Latinos Use of Media
The fastest-growing media target in America is Latinos. The 4A’s commissioned Univision to shed some light on the emerging media habits of this very important community.

Arianna Huffington
And then there’s Arianna Huffington. Four years ago, she came to the 4A’s Media Conference with an idea called “The Huffington Post.” At Transformation 2010, she will tell us how—via her blog and others like it—social media is transforming the communications landscape.

AXE & Dove: Media Iconoclasts
Two of the most successful media-driven business success stories of recent years are AXE and Dove’s Real Beauty from Unilever. Laura Klauberg will tell us how important media was to the success of these brands.

Another important data play is addressable television. CEOs from INVIDI, Visible World and Navic will prove to us that the future of addressable television has arrived.

Cloud Computing and the World of Media
Greg Smith, a member of the McCann WorldGroup Board of Directors, will tell us how Cloud computing can improve the efficiency of the media buy/sell process and save agencies lots of money in the process. He will also demo some very cool new technology in the process.

The Media Steward Companies Will Be There
Separate from Greg’s presentation, at least five major media stewardship companies will be available in the Expo Hall during the entire conference to discuss the quantum leaps being made in back-end technology that serves the media business.

...All This and a Really Big Announcement Too!
Major publishers in the magazine industry will announce an initiative that they believe (and we all hope) will transform the magazine business.

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