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4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — Meet the New 4A’s CEO, Marla Kaplowitz

Marketing & Communications

Marla Kaplowitz, who spent the past five years as CEO of MEC North America, will become president and CEO of the 4A’s on May 8, following the nine-and-a-half-year tenure of current leader Nancy Hill. View her introductory remarks.

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — Farewell Address From 4A’s CEO Nancy Hill

Marketing & Communications

Transformation 2017 opened with a farewell address from the 4A’s Nancy Hill. View her remarks on the triumphs and challenges during her tenure.

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — Leveraging Data and Analytics

Moderator: Susan Noonan, Executive Director of Media and Analytics, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — The Power of Pricing Options

Moderator: Tim Williams, Founding Partner, Ignition Consulting Group

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — Creative Directors: Leading by Great Example

Moderator: Jennifer Putnam, CCO, Allen & Gerritsen

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — Innovation Labs

Moderator: Chick Foxgrover, Chief Digital Officer, 4A’s