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In Case You Missed It – April 2017

Marketing & Communications

In case you missed it in April, Nominate the Advertising 100, 4A’s Transformation Video Sessions, “Behind the Scenes” with Shelly Lazarus of Ogilvy & Mather & more.

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — 4A’s Board Chair: A Tribute to Nancy Hill


Following Nancy’s Hill’s farewell address, Bill Koenigsberg, Founder & CEO, Horizon Media & Monday’s co-host, introduces a tribute to her and highlights the accomplishments during her tenure.

4A’s Transformation | Wednesday 5th, 2017 — Introduction


Al Benoit, Industry Education Liaison, 4A’s, and Felicia Geiger, 4A’s Resolve Consultant, welcome attendees to the final day of Transformation.

4A’s Transformation | Tuesday April 4, 2017 — Media Company Innovations


A media company panel focusing on new solutions surrounding data content, investments, & new products.

4A’s Transformation | Tuesday April 4, 2017 — Research & Measurement – Priorities & Issues


This panel discussion explores how the industry is meeting and failing to meet the challenge of measuring audience, exposure and ROI impact of advertising and marketing today.

4A’s Transformation | Tuesday April 4, 2017 — Programmatic – Driving Business Results


A provocative discussion with agency programmatic executives and a leading demand side platform, sharing cases that demonstrate how programmatic delivers business results for marketers.