Singing in the shower. Playing Candy Crush on the bus. In the middle of a conference call.
Inspiration doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to feed your brain.

And we’ve got some amazing chefs.

Our Research team is the best in the business. In addition to posting the latest and greatest advertising data on our site, they serve up customized reports to our members on everything from a breakdown of digital ad spending to the Millennial obsession with craft beer. So give them a call and savor some artisanal brain-food.

Bon appétit!

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4A’s Research Insights Newsletter

Prepared by 4A’s Research Services, this popular monthly newsletter provides 4A’s members with valuable insights and industry information, with a particular focus on market trends and data.

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The 4A’s produces or co-produces whitepapers, surveys, studies and reports on a broad variety of subjects. Our Research Services team also shares a great deal of market research and related materials of interest to agency teams.

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How to Rebuild Trust in the Agency-Marketer Relationship

Marketing & Communications

This column by 4A’s President and CEO Marla Kaplowitz originally appeared in Adweek.  

Advertising Wear-Out: Is it Time for a New Commercial? A New Campaign?

Communicus examines campaign and ad execution wear-out and gives tips on how to know when to change a campaign.

It’s Clear: Transparency is Winning in the U.S. Retail Market

Research Services

Nielsen examines the importance of consumer interest in transparency in the products they purchase. Find out more in this report, plus get insights into the rise of clean labels and sustainable products.

How Online Reviews Influence Sales

Research Services

Read about online reviews factors that influence purchase decisions and strategies retailers can use to develop a successful online review strategy from the Spiegel Research Center.

Best Brands 2017

Research Services

The YouGov Brand Index ranks the top brands in the U.S. and around the world in a variety of categories.

Back-to-School 2017

Research Services

Fung Global Retail & Technology studies the 2017 back-to-school and college shopping season in this report series. 

Profile of Mexican Air Travelers to the United States

Research Services

Check out this recently updated report from the National Travel & Tourism Offices profiling Mexicans who travel to the United States by air. It includes information sources used, purpose of trip, activities, transportation modes during visit, and market share by US region.

Trends in Consumer Mobility Report

Research Services

Bank of America explores evolving mobile behaviors and trends, as well as mobile’s impact on the financial landscape and consumer mobile banking behaviors.

The New Dad: The Career-Caregiving Conflict

Research Services

Boston College Center for Work & Family profiles three types of fathers and examines the conflict they feel toward career commitment and satisfaction and the importance of shared childcare.

2017 Mobile Payment Usage in China Report

Research Services

Discover the latest trends in mobile payments in China in this report from Ipsos, RDCY, Tencent, and China Tech Insights. Check out the development of cashless payments in China, user behavior, penetration by industry, and future prospects.

Journey of Me Insights: What Asia Pacific Travelers Want

Research Services

In this report, Amadeus examines the travel market in 14 countries in Asia Pacific.

2017 Retail Holiday Planning Playbook

Research Services

The National Retail Federation (NRF) examines both consumer and retailer behaviors and perspectives during the holiday shopping season.

Expect More From Your Financial Services Marketing

Research Services

PwC shares five steps financial institutions—and their CMOs—can use to better evaluate marketing spend against company goals.

Millennials on Millennials: Digital Music and Digital Communication

Research Services

This report provides research conducted by Nielsen Millennials to help brands and marketers better understand this generation. It includes a breakdown of time spent by medium, mobile and messaging app usage, and digital music consumption.

Special Report on Fishing

Research Services

The Outdoor Foundation and the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation provides insights into the popularity of fishing, as well as motivations, barriers, and preferences by demographic.