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Webinar: The New FTC Guidelines You Need to Know

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Influencer Marketing has become a central focus of marketing strategies and budgets for 2017. In this complimentary webinar you’ll learn quick, how-to information for launching an influencer marketing campaign the right way and the important FTC guidelines brands must follow.

Evolution of the Advertising Agency Business

Statista created this Giant Chart exclusively for the 4A’s to illustrate changes in the ad agency industry, including agency revenue, growth in employment, and share of ad expenditure by medium.

State of the News Media

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The Pew Research Center provides the latest audience habits, viewership/readership, revenue (including ad revenue), and more for key segments of the news media, from cable TV to podcasting to news magazines.

Global Mobile Advertising Revenue 2016

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IHS Markit reports that global mobile advertising revenue rose 60.5% in 2016, reaching $83 billion.

State of OTT

comScore takes an in-depth look at over-the-top content consumption and device usage.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report

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Nielsen highlights the differences in media usage and consumption by age, ethnicity, and income level in this quarterly report.

Inside the Campaign: United Airlines “Real Time Taxi” — by mcgarrybowen, with Media Partners Kinetic, MEC, Verifone

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This first-of-its-kind campaign uses live traffic data to create a dynamic display for taxi tops — and dispels the myth that travel to JFK is faster than travel to Newark Airport (EWR).

TV + Facebook: Turn Up the Volume on Your Media Campaigns

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This Facebook IQ study of UK, Australia, Poland and Germany explores the ad effectiveness of campaigns placed on both TV and Facebook or Instagram. See how cross-platform strategies can improve overall audience reach and brand impact.

Marketing Meets Science: How to Set Your Team Up for Success in a Data-first World

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Cloud technology allows marketers to access data more easily and uncover insights more quickly. Alison Wagonfeld, vice president of marketing at Google Cloud, shares three strategies to successfully integrate data, analytics, and machine learning—and increase your marketing productivity.

Television’s Brand Building Power—How it has Changed Over the Years

MSW●ARS studies the effectiveness of TV advertising in the current fragmented media landscape, finding that the television ad format is as effective now as it was in the 1980s.

Gen Z: Music

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This research from BPI and MIDIA examines how the Gen Z market in the UK engages with digital media, social media, and music. Five music advertising case studies are included.

Spotlight on Consumer App Usage

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App Annie examines consumer app usage, including how many apps people use and how long they use them.

IAB Podcast Ad Revenue Study: An Analysis of the Largest Players in the Podcasting Industry

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IAB reveals that U.S. podcast ad revenues are expected to reach +$220 million in 2017, an increase of 85% over 2016. Check out more results in IAB’s first ever podcast advertising revenue study, which includes stats by delivery mechanism, ad mechanism, and campaign type.

Social Media Behavior

Ypulse shares insights into the mobile and social media habits of Millennials.

Pride Year Round: The Benefits of LGBT-Inclusive Advertising

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Think with Google outlines what brands should consider as they make their messaging more LGBT-inclusive.