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Cord Cutters, Cord Nevers

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Learn the differences and similarities of Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers in this article from GfK MRI. TV and video viewing habits, preferred streaming services, and favorite shows are highlighted.

Hispanic Social Marketing

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Adam R. Jacobson and HispanicAd review social media marketing and advertising strategies targeting the U.S. Hispanic market with insights from top Hispanic agency and marketer leaders.

Pre-Roll Ads Are Least Intrusive With Best Recall

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A study conducted by IPG Media Lab and YuMe reveals how consumers feel about pre-roll ads compared to other formats.

Email Subject Lines That Earn Clicks

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Real Magnet gives three tips to improve your email subject lines in this infographic.

Creating Audience Personas in 4 Quick Steps

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Real Magnet provides four guidelines in creating personas to improve the impact of email marketing.

Posterscope Creates New Outdoor Campaign for New Belgium Brewing

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Digital Outdoor Campaign Uses Data to Determine the Perfect Place and Time to Try New Belgium Brewing’s Voodoo Ranger

How Marketers Are Leveraging Influencer Marketing

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Bloglovin’ surveyed marketing professionals to understand the state of the influencer marketing industry, including its value, how brands work with influencers, tactics used, budgets, and more.

Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs

comScore suggests that mobile users have a hierarchy of digital needs that drive their mobile consumption. In this report of usage in nine countries, topics include devices, apps, industries, variations by country, and challenges/opportunities going forward.

Living Social: Examining the Relationship Between TV + Social Media

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The VAB examines social media usage, social TV trends, and how users interact with television by device, gender, age, and day in this report.

Digital Democracy Survey

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Deloitte gives a multi-generational view of consumer technology, media, and telecom trends. Evolving viewing behaviors, attitudes towards advertising, usage of ad-blocking software, social media habits, and more are covered in this year’s report.

2017 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus

comScore focuses on the cross media ecosystem in this report by examining media habits, top sites, top apps, and more in eight categories.

Lights, Camera, Call to Action! The Driving Forces Behind Cinema Advertising

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The VAB examines the movie industry and impact of cinema advertising.

Link for Video: Evaluating the Power of Video Across Contexts Using Neuroscience, Behavioral and Survey Measures

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Kantar Millward Brown talks about evaluating the potential of a video across TV and digital platforms, and how to optimize content for each context in this global report.

Programmatic Advertising: The Impact on Brand and Delivery Metrics and What Advertisers Can Do to Maximize Returns

comScore and Kantar Millward Brown report that programmatic online advertising is performing well in areas such as purchase intent, but lacking in awareness and brand-building associations. Check out this global report for their four recommendations on ways to improve return on programmatic campaigns.

Unleashing the Internet in the Caribbean

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This Internet Society report examines the current Internet usage in the Caribbean, barriers to better access in the region, and recommendations on managing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.