In 3

Designed to help agencies continue to drive conversations around a trending topic in the industry, three popular sessions have been packaged together into a learning bundle that is available for purchase at one attractive pricing.

According to a 2016 4A’s survey, “4A’s members reported the industry hasn’t done enough to improve diversity within its ranks.” The survey results also showed that “half of respondents said they believe agency culture is still discriminatory, but that discrimination is not as overt as it used to be.”

This past June, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media and J.Walter Thompson (JWT) released a report at the Cannes Lions festival which highlighted “how men get four times as much screen time as women and are more likely to be shown as leaders.”

With diversity being an important topic in the workplace, for a limited time, we are offering the “Diversity In 3” package which includes two webinars and one Transformation conference session that will have you thinking and talking differently about diversity at your job.

What’s Included in the Diversity In 3 Package

The Science of Women in Leadership (66-minute webinar)
Part of the Talent Leadership Series. Join Renetta McCann, Chief Talent Officer at Leo Burnett, as she engages with Dr. Lauren Tucker, strategic performance innovator, in a discussion about Dr. Tucker’s career journey from planner to leader in the decision science field. Gain invaluable insights on ways to broaden skills sets and create opportunities for the next generation of talent to thrive.

Getting Past Taboo – Race in the Workplace (63-minute webinar)
Part of the Talent Leadership Series. Join Keesha Jean-Baptiste, SVP and leader of the Talent Engagement and Inclusion practice at the 4A’s, and Glenn Singleton, author of Courageous Conversations About Race, as they give guidance on the tools to building a true culture of inclusion. Learn a fresh approach to achieving racial diversity, equity and inclusion at your agency.

Are You Biased? (33-minute session)
One of the most talked about sessions at the 2017 Transformation conference session. Join Single Beato, Chief Diversity & Engagement Officer at McCann Worldwide Group, and Howard Ross, Founding Partner at Cook Ross, as they provide participants with an experience of the lenses through which they see and evaluate others go to market strategies.