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Advertising & The Law

In this 6-part webinar series, you’ll gain an understanding of the industry’s legal framework as well as learn how to navigate in today’s complex litigious marketing environment.

This is critical knowledge for all junior to mid-level advertising professionals. 

Topic Covered
1/18/2017 The Legal & Regulatory Environment
          Webinar Leader: David Versfelt, 4A’s Legal Counsel, K&L Gates LLP
1/25/2017 Understanding and Leveraging Intellectual Property
          Webinar Leader: Candice Kersh, Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
2/8/2017 Social Media Dynamics
          Webinar Leader: Ronald Urbach, Chairman, Davis & Gilbert LLP
2/22/2017 Critical Mistakes with Agency Contracts
          Webinar Leader: Jim Pharo, Principal, Law Offices of James W Pharo
3/8/2017 In’s and Out’s of Content Marketing
          Webinar Leader: Rick Kurnit, Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
3/22/2017 Sweepstakes, Contests & Promotions
          Webinar Leaders: Karen Jeffers, Member, Pullman & Comley LLC and Founder, Jeffers Cowherd P.C.                                            Russell Anderson, Commercial Practice, Jeffers Cowherd P.C.
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