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We offer programs in a variety of formats, from webinars, half-day and full-day workshops to multi-day experiential programs and certifications.

It is a priority for the 4A’s to foster a growing community of diverse, talented and committed individuals throughout the industry. Each year more than 13,000 people gain knowledge and experience through our Learning and Development programs.

Three At Once For Your Learning Solution!
Designed to help agencies continue to drive conversations around a trending topic in the industry and provide ways to implement change.

The Diversity In 3 package includes:

  1. The Science of Women in Leadership
    Broaden skills sets and create opportunities for the next generation of talent to thrive.
  2. Getting Past Taboo – Race in the Workplace
    Learn a fresh approach to achieving racial diversity, equity and inclusion at your agency.
  3. Are You Biased?
    Experience the lenses through which you see and evaluate others.
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4A’s Dot Native Digital Learning Center

Providing You With the Tools You Need to Compete in the Digital World

Accelerate your digital expertise with the 4A’s Dot Native Digital Learning Center, an interactive online platform that allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace..


We offer a variety of programs that cover subjects related to the industry.

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IPA Foundation Certificate

“I could not be more thrilled that the 4A’s is bringing the IPA Foundation Certificate to the U.S. At BBDO, we place a high value on developing our talent, and that’s why we are pleased to enroll all of our U.S. entry level professionals in this outstanding program. We are confident that this credential will give them the foundation they need to be individually successful and deliver results for our agency.”

Chris Thomas, CEO of BBDO The Americas
Chairman of I&S BBDO Japan
Chairman of Proximity Worldwide

The Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS)

“The 4A’s IAAS program was an invaluable experience that set me on a path to a rewarding career in advertising. Because I believe so strongly in this program’s impact on careers, it’s a no-brainer for DigitasLBi to make this investment in our young talent.”

Tony Weisman, CEO, DigitasLBi North America

Executive Leadership Program (ELP)

“The combination of a real-time simulation, team interaction, group reflection, and seasoned wisdom add up to the most engaging and valuable learning experience I’ve encountered as an advertising professional.”

Matt Walker, Group Creative Director, WHITE64

IPA Foundation Certificate

“I found the course to give an amazing holistic view of advertising and really has helped me to understand the process even with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, Advertising. Within my day to day tasks, I keep in mind all the lessons I had learned the past two months, which has helped me to work more efficiently and effectively.”

Jacquelyn Malis, Arnold Worldwide

The Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS)

“The IAAS program has a long history of cultivating the best and brightest young talent in the Chicago community, many of whom have gone on to become senior brand marketers as well as top agency management. This program, along with the College Ambassadors Program, reinforces our commitment to attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent the Chicago market has to offer.”

Tim Condon, Chairman of the 4A’s Chicago Council

Executive Leadership Program (ELP)

“This experience takes your daily view and turns it on its ear – giving you a worldview, of your own agency, of your career trajectory, and of the industry at large. It’s not about “what can I get done today?” It’s about growing yourself and the agency for the future by what you do today. It’s the exact shakeup we all need. It’s also invaluable to learn from peers at different agencies and in different roles. We all face the same things – why not work together to figure it all out?”

Stephanie Kessler, Lead Copywriter, Triad Advertising Companies

IPA Foundation Certificate

“This was a great course that allowed me to experience both personal and career growth. I am now confident in my position and feel that I have the resources to succeed.”

Madeline Egan, Allen & Gerritsen

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NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are scheduled in Eastern Time.

Engage Hispanics for Growth: 5 Questions to Assess Hispanic Impact

Do your clients know how much Hispanics can impact their ability to deliver results?
Come prepared to answer 5 questions about your clients’ business and walk away with a tool to talk to clients in specific terms about the importance of Hispanics to their quest for growth.

Digital Media Effectiveness: A Streamlined Test and Learn Approach

What problems exist that nobody is addressing? What could be added to (or taken from) your agency that would make it a better place to work, more profitable, more interesting or more efficient?

Engage Hispanics for Growth: 5 Ways to Quantify Your Hispanic Opportunity

Do your clients know how much incremental business they can generate by engaging Hispanics? Learn 5 ways to use secondary and internal sales data to estimate that dollar gain, to pique client’s interest and sell-in an incremental budget to pursue Hispanic initiatives.

Advanced New Business Strategy: Crafting a Performance-Based New Biz Plan

Ensure your agency has a detailed new business plan in place — focused on efficiently driving growth.

Digital Media Effectiveness: Implementing Agile Marketing and Personalization

What problems exist that nobody is addressing? What could be added to (or taken from) your agency that would make it a better place to work, more profitable, more interesting or more efficient?

Engage Hispanics for Growth: 7 Cost-Effective Ideas to Generate Insights

Even with a compelling financial business case, clients may not be willing to invest a lot on Hispanic market research, though it is critical to devising a winning Hispanic strategy. Learn about seven data sources to generate Hispanic insights and identify knowledge gaps to address.

Engage Hispanics for Growth: 3 Approaches to Engaging Hispanics

There seem to be many opinions on how to best engage Hispanics, which can be confusing to clients and lead to inaction. Learn the strategy, process and organization approaches for driving Hispanic relevance to help clients decide which one works best for them.

Advanced New Business Strategy: Turn Scope Creep Into a Revenue Opportunity

Scope creep is a serious challenge for most agencies. Clients are planning more of their work on the fly and becoming more reactive as they adjust their Scope of Work based on the needs of the moment. It doesn’t help that the digital channel actually encourages real-time optimization and spontaneity.

Advanced New Business Strategy: Turning Project-Based Clients Into Retainer-Based Clients

It’s no secret that project-based work is becoming the norm. However, building a business model and infrastructure around this client trend is a complex proposition. This session will outline how to capitalize on this fundamental industry shift.

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