The 4A’s hosts webinars regularly to provide learning and development opportunities to our members.

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2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials Series

A three part webinar series that provides you with three critical skills for creating and overseeing your agency’s finances.

Advertising & The Law Series

A six part webinar series that highlights critical information to help agencies navigate today’s complex litigious marketing environment.

Advanced New Business Strategy Series

A four part webinar series geared specifically for management and new business teams, addressing topics focused on being strategic and methodical.

Agency Growth Series

A four part webinar series geared specifically for agency C-suite, addressing topics focused on driving business growth.

Agency Planner Essentials Series

A three part webinar series providing the essential skills for every junior- to mid-level account managers and strategic planners.

Be A Creative Leader Series

A three part webinar series showing how to navigate the challenges of creative leadership in a group or agency setting.

C-Suite Series

A six part, interactive & participatory webinar series for executives of small-to-mid-size agencies that shares best practices for financial and operational success.

Digital Acceleration Series

An eight part webinar series unlocking essential digital marketing skills every agency professional should know.

Digital Media Effectiveness Series

A three part webinar series showing how to help your clients transform their businesses so they can tap into the digital media innovations that are accelerating customer acquisition.

Engage Hispanics for Growth Series

A four part webinar series showing how engaging with Hispanics will result in a hidden source of incremental growth for your clients.

Glass Ladder Series

A multi-part series tailored to the next generation of female leaders and professionals, account managers and strategists, creatives and technologists.

Mastering Workplace Conversations Series

A three part webinar series providing junior and mid-level employees with strategies on how to best communicate their needs and viewpoints with their fellow employees and supervisors, while building a community of talent that is empowered and mature in their delivery.

Organic Growth Series

A three part webinar series illuminating how to turn your account teams into an aggressive organic growth machine – consistently scoping for new assignments from every client on your roster.

Project Management Series

A four part webinar series that outlines the keys to project management success. From learning how to define your scope to how to protect your agency’s margins.

Power of Podcast Advertising Series

A three part webinar series that aims to educate advertising agencies on the many different podcast advertising opportunities there are, as well as effective utilization strategies and success measurements. These webinars are eligible for one CE credit towards the IAB Media Buying & Planner Recertification.

Relentless Mothers Series

A four part webinar series breaking down the duality of work/life balance, illuminating how mothers (and even fathers) can and should expect to strike a balance while being a relentless force for all the things that gives them purpose.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series

A twelve part online series, designed to provide a foundational layer applicable to all entry-level advertising employees.

Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series

A 12 part series for mid-level account managers, and client-facing staff designed to improve their client leadership skills.

Talent Leadership Series

A four part series created in mind for agency professionals that focuses on impacting agency culture and developing through topics such as developing female leaders, unpacking unconscious bias, creating purpose throughout employee lifescycle.

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit Series

A three part series that will equip passionate, motivated employees with proven tools to take charge of their careers by finding innovative ways to serve their agencies and clients.

Winners’ Circle Series

Hosted by Charles Day, the renowned creative leadership advisor, this multi-part series will talk to those behind the most successful companies and most acclaimed work, providing tools and insights to help participants navigate the highs and lows of the creative business.

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NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are scheduled in Eastern Time.

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit: Paradigm Shift

As an agency employee, you have proven yourself to be valuable enough to have been scouted, interviewed, hired, paid, given benefits and invited to the summer party. But have you ever considered why you are worth all that? How does your role fit into the agency’s business, and why does that role exist in the first place?

Agency Growth: Business Lessons from the Management Consultancies

Applying best practices from Mirren’s new business training, Brent Hodgins of Mirren will take a look at the new agency competitive set, with a particular focus on the management consultancies.

2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials: P&L Forecasting & Analysis

Have you created your budget for 2018? At the end of this webinar, you will understand all the inputs required to go from “blind” to “clear” financial planning, so that you’re better able to predict the future of your agency and in turn make more informed decisions.

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit: Idea Machine

What problems exist that nobody is addressing? What could be added to (or taken from) your agency that would make it a better place to work, more profitable, more interesting or more efficient?

2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials: Negotiating With Brands & Procurement

With brands continuing to demand more for less, how do you win? In this webinar, we’ll review how to best prepare for these critical discussions so you’re ready to tackle the most pressing questions most brands, especially procurement teams, will likely challenge you with.

Agency Growth: Build Your Agency Like You’re Going to Sell It

Applying best practices from Mirren’s new business training, Brent Hodgins of Mirren will step back and take a look at building a sustainable infrastructure for growth. Whether or not you plan to sell your agency won’t be the point of the session. Building a high-value company, driven by a sales machine, will be.

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NOTE: Recordings Available

Shifting the S-Curve: Deploying Creativity in Transformational Moments

How do we do more, better, faster? It’s not about speed – or even agility – so much of it is about finding ways to engineering empathy. Gain real-world insights on what it takes to truly accelerate growth through the power of Creativity. Learn how you can turn it on in your teams (if you don’t mind a little bit of chaos).

Build a Predictable Lead Pipeline: The 3 Systems To Put In Place Today

Webinar Recording Available! Learn the 3 systems you need in place to generate leads on a consistent basis, so you can stop relying on referrals. Thought leader Jason Swenk ran a successful digital agency for 12 years, eventually selling his agency. The 3 systems he’ll unpack are ones that separate the most profitable agencies from the ones that are struggling.

Digital Horizons: How Blockchain Technology Is Creating A New Digital Age

Webinar Recording Available! Blockchain technology has moved from its mysterious origins in the Bitcoin community to a technology that has captured imaginations and stands to transform multiple industries. Relative to other industries, discussion of the impact of blockchain technology on our trade has been minimal.

Power of Podcast Advertising: Ad Campaign Success

Webinar Recording Available! Much like other advertising mediums, some investments will be a home run and others will need some tweaking. We’ll discuss realistic measurements of success, possible things that may affect ROI and how to make sure you get the most out of each podcast advertising campaign.

Power of Podcast Advertising Bundle

This series aims to educate advertising agencies on the many different podcast advertising opportunities there are, as well as effective utilization strategies and success measurements.

Power of Podcast Advertising: Demystifying the Buying Process

Webinar Recording Available! In the current industry, podcast ads are currently often thought of as an extension of radio or traditional media, which puts both the brand and the podcaster at a disadvantage. This webinar will educate you on the different buying channels as well as how to truly make the most of this unique medium.