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Pathways to Progress Global Youth Survey 2017: Economic Prospects & Expectations

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This survey by Ipsos and commissioned by Citi Foundation examines the economic prospects of young people aged 18-24 in 45 cities across 32 countries. Find out the careers they wish to pursue, resources available for employment opportunities, and obstacles they face along the way.

The Road to a Smarter Shelf: Tips to Create a Product Mix Within the New Retail Landscape

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Nielsen shares strategies to prioritize assortment on the grocery shelf and identify opportunities to engage the shopper.

Hispanic Market Guide

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This guide from the AHAA provides trends, demographics, marketing, and media consumption of the Hispanic consumer. You will also be presented with a list and information on AHAA marketing and communications member companies with a convenient breakout by specialty.

The Well Economy

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J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group examines trends in health and wellness in this report. See how consumers are evolving, how brands can reach their target audiences, and what’s ahead in this space. Topics discussed include health statistics by gender and generation, lifestyle trends, healthcare landscape, transparency in wellness branding, and much more.

NADA Data 2016

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NADA’s annual financial profile of new-car dealerships features state data, profit by department, ad expenditures, and consumer insights.

Accounts in Review: 2017 First Quarter

The 4A’s “Accounts in Review” analysis compiles information on publicly reported account review activity. The description of the “Accounts in Review” analysis and the link to the report covering the first quarter of 2017 is provided here.

Annual Report of the Grocery Industry

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Progressive Grocer’s annual report surveys retail executives about the state of the retail food industry.

What’s Next in Tech?

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Nielsen explores emerging technology and its impact on the business landscape in the next five years. Learn about tech adoption, nine trends to know about, and how tech will play out in ten geographical regions around the world.

North American Camping Report

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Cain Consulting Group and Kampground of America details the camping habits and preferences of North American campers.