Soak up some knowledge while soaking up rays with playlists curated by your favorite industry influencers.

Top experts cue-up their best-of tracks from the 4A’s library to cover the hottest agency topics for you to access on demand and at your leisure.

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Kathleen Brookbank’s Playlist “Serves Up the Trends in Media & Data

Curious about how media & data are impacting your clients’ business? Interested in owning your career and gaining confidence for your next meeting? This summer, serve up the trends in media & data with a learning track playlist curated by Kathleen Brookbanks, COO of Hearts & Science.

From social media, AR and VR to programmatic, analytics and digital optimization, these learning opportunities will offer you the knowledge you need to deliver the best strategies for your clients business. Learn more here.

Winston Binch’s Playlist “Delivers the Goods on All Things Digital”

Digitalization is changing everything. Social media is maturing and shifting how business gets done. And data is no longer just a tool for scientists but for artists. This summer, deliver the goods on all things digital with a learning track playlist curated by Winston Binch, Chief Digital Officer at Deutsch North America.

From the importance of digital, social media and e-commerce to data analytics, APIs and taking risks in today’s digital world, these learning opportunities will inspire you to innovate and take your clients to the next chapter in their digital journey. Learn more here.

Ronnie Dickerson Stewart’s Playlist “Deals Out the Issues Impacting Diversity & Inclusion”

Taking your client business to the next level requires having the best team to drive the strategy and creative to its maximum force. The team must have a supportive culture to harness their talent. This summer, learn about the issues impacting diversity & inclusion with a playlist curated by Ronnie Dickerson Stewart, VP, Group Director, Talent Engagement & Inclusion at DigitasLBi.

From discussing race and gender in the workplace and personal biases to implementing a parent support approach and communicating with confidence, these learning opportunities will provide you with authentic insights into creating a strong, diverse and inclusive environment at work. Learn more here.

Anthony Romano’s Playlist “Gives the Inside Track on Account Management”

Today’s account managers are much more than just client handlers. The best of the best must always be a step ahead of their clients and be true business leaders. This summer, get the inside track on account management with a learning track playlist curated by Anthony Romano, CEO of BBH New York.

From negotiating, presenting and having the right leadership mindset to getting more business, becoming your client’s partner and understanding their business better, these learning opportunities will help you establish best practices to cultivate life-long client/agency relationships. Learn more here.

Ed Cottons’s Playlist “Sets You Straight on Winning Strategy”

Take your tired looking consumer journeys and unearth new business opportunities. This summer, get ready to win on strategy with a learning track playlist curated by Ed Cotton, Director of Strategy Innovation at Butler, Shine, Sterns & Partners.

From knowing how to use data to build strategy, digging deep into consumer insights and getting started on strategy to pursuing great creative solutions to writing inspirational creative briefs. Learn more here.

Good leaders aren’t just born, they are constantly learning. They need to constantly challenge themselves even if they think they’ve figured it all out. This summer, sharpen your leadership skills with a learning track playlist curated by Karen Seamen, President/COO of Cramer-Krasselt. From collaborating, impacting and transforming your agency to agency profitablity, agency compensation and pricing options. Learn more here.

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