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Mintz + Hoke unveils new branding and Brand Inside program 

AVON, Conn . . . As the communications field reinvents itself in seconds, not years, Mintz +Hoke Communications Group is helping clients benefit from change by reshaping its operation and branding in ways that provide clients more ways to succeed.

Under the umbrella of “Make every contact with your brand worth more,” the communications firm put its own operation to the test first, with a rigorous internal audit and overhaul designed to live its principles of collaboration, efficiency and accountability. The result is a newly reinvigorated company and a website that exemplifies the new Mintz + Hoke branding.

These changes include:
Increased cooperation and responsiveness, leveraging employees’ vast and varied expertise. Break down the artificial barriers, such as “department centric” seating. More floor space devoted to ad hoc collaboration.

Streamlined operations and execution. Speed up the process for development of creative and execution, taking out the process “layers” and fostering more collaboration and connection between clients and the employees doing the work.

Increase entrepreneurship and accountability. Support new ideas and entrepreneurial drive to help clients stay ahead. Authorize teams to set results goals with the client and recommend strategies to achieve them. Increased use of data and tools to measure results and make modifications in real time.

More knowledge sharing. Find new ways to bring client brands and ideas to market.  Stay on top of new ideas and methods with ongoing Lunch & Learn sessions featuring outside speakers and internal knowledge leaders.

Expand beyond the agency’s walls for expertise. Partner as needed with outside resources, especially when trying new methods or to include services as needed.

Use all of these changes to enhance the value of the agency’s signature strategic thinking, bringing broader perspectives, more critical analysis and a willingness to try the untried.

Reinventing from the inside, out
“Change happens every day, every minute here,” notes Mintz + Hoke CEO Chris Knopf. “We decided to embrace this and get ahead of it so change becomes an asset, not a distraction. Our internal audit showed both assets to leverage as well as areas where improvements could make the whole operation better.

“At the same time, we’re staying true to our roots, while moving the organization forward to anticipate increasingly fast-paced, interconnected, and lean business environment. We didn’t throw out the many things that make Mintz + Hoke passionately client-focused. Clients will experience most of the changes as incremental improvements in strategy, ideas and tools, or as enhanced workflow and results measurement.”

Mintz + Hoke redesigned its own logo, graphic identity and website to manifest the guiding principle of making its services worth more. A plus sign integrated into the letter “H” replaces the ampersand as the expression of the promise of “more.”

About Mintz + Hoke Communications Group
Mintz + Hoke Communications Group is an integrated, full-service communications firm offering a wide range of strategic planning, advertising, public relations, interactive, media planning and buying, and direct marketing services. Located in Avon, Connecticut for 41 years, Mintz + Hoke’s mission is to Make every contact with your brand worth MORE. Clients include Aetna, the state of Connecticut, Legrand Wiremold and DRS Technologies. Mintz + Hoke is a shareholder of Denver-based Worldwide Partners Inc., the world’s largest alliance of independent agencies serving clients around the globe. For more information, visit

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