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Mr. Mark Sneider

Aggressive is Good...Consistent is Better

In 2002 I was running the domestic operation of a research consultancy. At the start of every year, we would come to the table with great...

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Mr. Robert Moorman

Workin' for a Living

If you have not yet seen Rob Moorman's recent Adweek "Workin' for a Living" article, here is a link. Rob suggests action steps that agencies...

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Ms. Lorraine Stewart Rojek

The Importance of Agency Culture in Tough Times: An Invitation and Question for Agencies

It’s a simple theory that we have held fast to for some time, or some might say even originated within the industry: the notion that...

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Putting Value Pricing to Work: How to Get Started Down the Path to Compensation Based on Value

For the past several years Ron Baker, Tim Williams and the 4A’s have been encouraging agencies (and advertisers) to explore agency compensation that is based...

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Mr. Cleve Langton

New Business Imperatives for 2009: Cleve Langton's Top 10 "Do's and Don'ts"

At the 4A's New Business Transformation Workshop in Chicago, Cleve Langton, founder of New Business 3.0 Inc and author of New Business Lessons from Madison Avenue discussed...

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Mr. Stephen Boehler

Arrogance or Insanity?

I've had discussions with several very senior agency folks from many of our top agencies over the past few weeks, and have an unsettling reaction...

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The Marketing Services Value Chain---Business Development 1.0

During the recent 4A's Webinar on value pricing, Tim Williams and Ron Baker discussed fundamental steps to overcome client commoditization of an agency:   1st—Create real value...

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Ms. Joanne Davis

What Is the Cost to Switch Agencies?

After Tom Finneran sent the 4A’s Accounts in Review report, it made me think again about the cost of new business for both the client...

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Ms. June Blocklin

The Digital Services Your Clients Really Want

American agencies are pursuing a range of strategies to keep pace with the accelerating client demand for digital services. But the real question is whether...

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Ms. Donna Lynn Newton

You’re in Show Biz Now: Lessons Learned From a Casting Director

During the last 4A's New Business Committee meeting, we discussed generating ideas to improve the agency review process overall for all participants--marketers, agencies and search...

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Mr. Thomas Finneran

The Best of…Top 10 Biz Dev Concepts

The 4A’s has had the good fortune of having a host of industry experts share business development suggestions with our members over the years, and...

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Mr. Tim Williams

The End of Cold Calling

Cold calling has always produced only modest results, and today’s avoidance-enabling technology only makes it easier for prospects to hide from your phone calls and...

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Mr. David Lubeck

Response to Matt Anderson Re: Can Anyone Do Business Development?

Great thoughts Matthew. Like Deutsch, we're doing everything we can at Bernstein-Rein to promote a new business mentality within all aspects of our agency--especially in...

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Mr. Matthew Anderson

Can Anyone Do Business Development?

Absolutely. In fact, it is crucial to the success of your new business efforts to make sure everyone is doing Business Development.   Business Development is a...

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