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Mr. Randy S Snow

New Business and Small/Independent Agencies

They're a national advertiser and we’re a relatively small, independent shop…why would they hire us? That was the question recently when we found ourselves in a pitch for a national account against firms from at least two of the global conglomerates—with staff, resources and numbers we couldn’t hope to match. The key was not trying to match their raw numbers; instead, in the best traditions of ju-jitsu, we took take their massive strength and turned it against them.
How? By explaining that, as an independent, we can guarantee that the agency’s top people will touch their business on a consistent basis. By telling them that we won’t unearth some strange conflict based on a piece of business handled by an office in Kuala Lumpur. And by reminding them that, as an independent, we can concentrate on serving our clients rather than worrying about the numbers we have to send every 90 days to the analysts in Paris or New York.
Of course, most of that is obvious to those of us in the business…but new business prospects aren’t in the ad business. So what may be second nature to us is often news to them.
News that can swing the decision away from the global conglomerates and towards an independent.

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New Business for Small Business

Randy ,

Your points are well taken. I haven taken business away from much bugger agencies because they often forget the most critical part of the account; realtionship marketing. taking care of the client and letting them know their business is important!
Many times when accounts are won and pitched a Jr. executive handles all the details. My accounts are my agecnies bloodline. I never forget they could be doing business with someone else!I personally oversee every project no matter how big or small.
Posted by Ms. Debra Freligh (Thursday, January 22, 2009 3:18 PM)

Interesting perspective!!
Posted by Ms. Nancy Petri (Friday, March 20, 2009 4:11 PM)

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