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Ms. June Blocklin

The Digital Services Your Clients Really Want

American agencies are pursuing a range of strategies to keep pace with the accelerating client demand for digital services. But the real question is whether the operations agencies are building are in line with what today’s clients really want.
The 4A’s commissioned Gilbert & Company to conduct opinion research among client and agency executives to compare and contrast their outlooks and plans. This post summarizes the findings of this study and draws implications for today’s agency leaders.
What are Clients’ Biggest Digital Challenges?
The top five client digital challenges include:
  1. Talent is scarce.
  2. Brand-building on the Web is new territory.
  3. Managing the interplay of media is complex.
  4. Disciplines need to align.
  5. Clients need to live with risk.
The Client Wish List
So what do clients want from digital agency service providers?
  1. Streamlined end-to-end solutions across the digital landscape
  2. Strategic, cross-discipline account leadership
  3. Search and social media understanding embedded in the creative development process.
  4. An institutional approach to digital innovation and trendspotting
  5. A scalable, global digital operation
  6. A new economic model that rationalizes costs to fit with the new digital marketing framework.
The overwhelming message from clients to agencies was “Integrate, Integrate, Integrate.”
The definitive digital agency solution does not exist today, according to clients. But it is within reach if leaders of digital and traditional agencies work to blend the strengths of each organization. Of course, clients are encouraging them to do so with alacrity:
“Agencies are fond of telling clients their principles. The only principle I am interested in hearing about now is the principle of evolution.”

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