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Are agency brochures & reels outmoded?

For years, we have relied on oversized brochures and TV reels to introduce our agency and capabilities to prospects. But neither seems to be quite right anymore because:

1) With increased focus on sustainability, we rarely hand out copies of our brochure these days.

2) As we do more with non-traditional media, TV reels don’t show a complete picture of our capabilities and could create a perception that we are out of step with the times.

3) The Web has gained importance for promoting our agency, but we’re finding that we would like to have something to send/leave with a prospect that provides insight into our credentials and work.

I’d love to hear how other agencies that are facing a similar dilemma  are doing about presenting their credentials and capabilities. Please comment on:

-- How is your agency packaging its credentials to be more relevant in today's market?

-- What types of pieces/mediums do you use?

-- How are you packaging "difficult to show" capabilities, such as viral, search, and public relations?

Diane Woodruff, Director Business Development, Cronin & Company

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The brochure is dead

We're working through the same issues here. The brochure seems terribly outdated. Reels are too limited. We haven't devised the perfect answer yet, but we're working on ways to turn non-traditional case studies into electronic media. We must not be the first to do this - even old-school clients are requesting electronic portfolios.
Posted by Ms. Mary Lorson (Wednesday, April 01, 2009 11:56 AM)

No more hard copies

Brochures and reels are definitely outdated and I think that most people who receive them are equally unimpressed with the lack of innovation and digital savvy. Haven't figured out a way to up the ante yet but this is definitely an issue I think a lot of agencies are facing now especially ones that are touting themselves as "digital agencies."
Posted by Ms. Jenean Chapman (Wednesday, April 01, 2009 8:50 PM)

Digital introductions to clients

Well, maybe I'm missing something but it seems that in a Web 2.0 world where transparency and authenticity are everything, perhaps an agency should try to showcase their cultures (as this blog has pointed out, culture is important to clients)  through something such as an online video; could be done in a TV news magazine / or documentary style.

Or a great blog with thought leadership demonstrated through relevant posts.

I'd suggest going for substance / relevant content over creativity (creative can be featured inside the piece).
Posted by Kevin R. McIntosh (Tuesday, April 07, 2009 12:48 AM)

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