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Dr. Jodi's Prescription for Pitch Preparation

I spent eighteen months delving into the minds of clients, agency personnel, and search consultants. Respondents all had significant experience in pitching and described the pitch process as stressful, exhilarating, tiresome, energizing, and deflating.
My research revealed that agencies encounter their fair share of challenges during a pitch process. This is largely an issue of control; the client (or consultant on behalf of the client) calls all the shots, is always right, and leaves agencies little choice but to just follow the rules and deliver...right?
In addition, in this stressful economic climate, agencies may feel as if they have to do whatever is asked and required by clients in order to stay afloat. The results of my study support three key recommendations that could potentially benefit agencies when participating in a pitch process.
  1. Build a Cohesive Agency Team
  2. Avoid Spec Work Like the Plague
  3. Insist on Collaboration Meetings

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Great point on avoiding spec work.
Especially given the current economic situation, clients are demanding more and more during pitches. Many agencies fall into the trap of providing work that is practically ready to be shipped. They spend thousands of dollars on employee time and resources (and ignoring their paying clients) just to find that they didn't win the account or are forced to go in a different direction.
Posted by Nichole S (Tuesday, June 02, 2009 4:55 PM)

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