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Best of RFI's & RFP's

In previous 4A's BizDevBlog posts (3/18 "Frustrated With RFP's From Hell;" 4/6 "Why Are RFP's so Difficult?" and 11/18 "Winning RFP Proposals") members and industry experts suggested features that are or should be included in "Best RFP's."
"Best Practice" features include:
  • Give the agency insights into the client's business problems and needs
  • Dimensionalize what is lacking in the client's current agency relationships (i.e. why the review is being conducted)
  • Contain a well crafted brief and specific agency search and selection criteria
  • Crystal clear deliverables…Client deliverables and agency deliverables
  • Explains why your agency has been invited to participate in the review
  • Fosters "two-way" communications through both agency and marketer questionnaires (for example the 4A's Standardized Questionnaires + Toolkit)
  • Encourage agencies to ask questions and provide frank answers to critical questions including budgets, approvals and compensation
  • Introduce human components—encourage discussion
  • Frame cultural beliefs and foster joint discussion of relationship expectations
  • Process includes "work sessions" for jointly developing a spec brief, strategy and interim ideation approaches
  • Reference research and metric parameters that the marketer feels are relevant
  • Search criteria should specify key decision makers and include specific weighted criteria including expectations for capabilities, chemistry, process, spec and $$$$$.
The 4A's New Business Committees would like to gather your "Best of RFI’s-RFP’s Process" comments and suggestions so that we can craft a 4A’s recommended process. Should there be separate distinct RFI phase and then an RFP phase?
Please submit your comments below.
Posted by 4A New Business Committee: Mitch Caplan, Dave Lubeck & Tom Finneran

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Better RFPs

Everything you say hits the mark. Would love it if the 4As could craft an RFP template around your thoughts and distribute to Brand Managers at leading companies to start the ball rolling.
Posted by Todd LaRoche (Thursday, July 09, 2009 9:58 AM)

Believe it or not, the RFP for was a good one - thorough, relevant, clear and well-thought out. When we got it initially, we were led to believe that fact that we received the RFP meant we were in a small group of finalists. When we called to confirm this, they told us they had changed their thinking on that. We decided to decline to participate as a result...but I do think it was a well-written RFP.
Posted by Ms. Mary Lorson (Friday, July 17, 2009 1:07 PM)

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