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Mr. Thomas Finneran

Rules of the Road for Agency Search Consultants

In a recent communication with leading industry agency search and new business consultants, the 4A's reiterated the importance of preserving industry best practice by adhering to the principles that were jointly established by the ANA/4A's and embodied in the ANA/AAAA "Rules of the Road for Agency Search Consultants."
The association provided consultant organizations with the ANA/AAAA "Rules of the Road for Agency Search Consultants," asked each consultant to review the rules, and requested that the consultant acknowledge their agreement to abide by the principles and spirit of the rules by signing their endorsement and returning a signed copy of the "Rules of the Road for Agency Search Consultants" to the 4A's.
The link to the ANA/AAAA "Rules of The Road For Agency Search Consultants" is provided below.
The 4A's is in the process of updating the association's Agency Search and Agency New Business Consultant lists. The 4A's will note in association records the industry search and new business practitioners that adhere to industry best practice and endorse the ANA/AAAA "Rules of the Road for Agency Search Consultants."
The 4A’s recommends that all industry participants review and embrace agency search and new business best practices. If there is best practice guidance that you feel should be re-communicated or expanded we would welcome your suggestions.

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